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Transfer Window: Time To Splash The Cash

ronaldinho ac milan

The January transfer window is open and every team looks to equip their arsenal by signing new players. Some big names are on this year’s transfer list including the likes of Ronaldinho, Dzeko and David Beckham. The titles are often decided in January so it is a very crucial phase.

Arsenal and Man City are close on the heels of the league leaders Manchester United , who are on a unbeaten streak. On the other hand, Chelsea are fighting it out with Tottenham for the fourth place. Chelsea’s title dream was all but over after they managed to draw against a depleted Aston Villa. The slump continues and if there has to be any turn- around in their performance, they need to sign up  new players.

Chelsea conceded a goal deep into injury time as their defence was caught napping and thus dropping two valuable points. The midfield lacks pace and creativity and Mikel and Ramires  have not proved their worth. Even a striker has to be signed as Anelka does not seem to be enjoying his role. Ivanovic needs to take over the right back position as Ferrera is not god enough. Roman needs to splash the cash and infuse young blood  into the “Greying team”.

The word on the street is that Beckham will be moving to Tottenham and Brazilian play maker Ronaldinho is potentially making a move to Blackburn Rovers .The leagues big spenders Man City have sealed the deal and signed Dzenko. Chelsea have to sign Ronaldinho as he would bring in creativity to their vapid midfield. With 18 games still to play and Chelsea are sitting outside the top 4, they need to sort things out fast.



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  2. davspurs

    January 8, 2011 at 11:27 am

    Why are we not going after Ronaldhino he is only 30 can beat a player in 2ft of space can score devastating goals and has played with Beckham and for AC Milan. This lad would keep us in fourth or even win the League. He would be wasted at Blackburn and would only go there for chicken money.

  3. wisesageknowledge

    January 8, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    his wages are too high. not many teams can, or are willing, to pay 150k/week for a novelty item.

  4. samuel

    January 9, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Hey mister, teams wih huge deficits in their budgets,like Chelsea,Trash.United and Luckypool shouldn,t be permitted to make any new signings until the outstanding debt has been paid off ,and there,s really no point in Arsene blowing huge money on new so called fans signings while the stadium is still being paid off,simple financial sense that,s why Trash.United cannot afford to spend millions on players anymore ,the likes of Rooney,Berbatov etc. as there isn,t ant spare cash going around to by these big money players ,get your financial facts in order ,please ?

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