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[PLAYER RATINGS] West Ham 0-3 Arsenal

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Szczesny – 6…His save in the 22nd minute was really crucial as a goal for West ham at that point could have changed the entire scenario of the match. Other than that nothing much bothered the Pole.

Eboue – 6…Here is why I am not giving this guy some more. The problem with him is that he can deal with balls in front of his man, but when the ball is played behind him, he is not that alert. Song and Theo had to cover up from him quite alot of times. However, he did do well for a makeshift RB.

Djourou – 5…He had some difficulty in coping with Carlton Cole, and his blunder in the 22nd min could have cost us to give away a clean sheet.

Kosher – 6…A silent fellow through-out the entire game, he just did his job – the mark of a true professional.

Clichy – 6.5…His crossing is really inconsistent, and yesterday was not in any way different. He defended well in most occasions, and cleared the ball when he had to. His support on the attacking front was also good. A nice game for the french-man.

Song – 7.5…He helped out Eboue, whenever required and at the same time attacked well. He is improving in every game [touch-wood] and lets all hope this continues.

Jack – 7.5…Almost got us a 4th in the 88th min. He distributed the ball well, won the ball back and pressed whenever he could. Kudos mate !

Cesc – 8… What can I say about Cesc. He kept the midfield going and pressed whenever required. His vision and final ball to pick up players is marvellous. Although he did not give any assists, he was one big reason for our victory.

Nasri – 8…He was the reason we got our first goal. He was the reason we could maintain our tempo, and lastly he is the reason Cesc can afford to relax for sometime. He pitched in to help the defenders once in a while, and also had Clichy back when required.

Theo – 8.5…This guy provided us with pace when we attacked. He earned us a penalty, and he provided an assist for RVP. Oh, lets not forget his goal, which if I may add he showed the exact instinct of a poacher. What he can do is to improve his crossing some more, and to try and keep his composure. In the 18th min, we could have got a goal when he was 1-v-1 with Green but he rushed his finish. But overall, he really played well and had a good game.

RVP – 10…I just hope he does not get injured [touch-wood]. . He provided an assist for Theo and was clinical in front of goal – his penalty was superb and so was his first finish. He even hit the post. Keep it up mate!


Denilson – N/A

Arshavin -N/A

Gibbs – N/A





  1. meaner

    January 16, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    i have never seen a player with ZERO composure like walcott.

  2. Kalahari blues

    January 16, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Good posting DKD. Me thinks Szczesny deserves a 7 to 7.5 for his command of the goal post area and save he made which kept us in the game. otherwise, good posting as usual.

  3. realistic tony

    January 16, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    agree!…RVP is pure class…the best finisher at arsenal by a mile. And Nasri showed yesterday the you cant do without him…if only he scored with that dribble at the end of the game!

  4. Mark

    January 16, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Song was an 8 at least (great defensive efforts which he sometimes lacks…for mine he was MOTM)
    Clichy was a 7
    Jack was just as good as Cesc…
    10 for RVP? he was very good I must say…maybe a 10 if he had of scored that goal where he hit the post. But very encouraging signs from RVP.

  5. ITG

    January 16, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    It is interesting to see the difference of seeing Jack play with Song and Fabregas with the times he plays with Denielson. With the former they are clever enough to negate the real problem which Jack has that he is a totally one footed footballer which is really unusual in Arsenal and he really needs to improve if he is to become a really great player. Anyone who drifts inside him onto his right foot generally speaking gets away with it or gets a foul. If for instance the first goal had fallen to Jack he could not possibly have scored it as he does not have a right foot, RVP favours his left but is also deadly with his right as seen. Denielson of course cannot cover for Jack when players drift onto his right side as he has too many problems organising his own game.

    It is going to be very interesting when Aaron returns as he is a two footed player who I am sure will make Denielson look better as he is able to intercept and pass with both legs similar to Cesc and Song. Jack with Aaron will be very interesting to see how they gel?

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