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Sebastian Squillaci: Friend or Foe?

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Being an Arsenal fan signings never really arrive in droves. We get players unheard of unless you live in the deepest recesses of Bordeaux or know Gilles Grimandi’s nan. Bonjour Sebastian Squillaci…..Monaco, Lyon, Sevilla all big clubs.


Ligue 2 (1): 2001–02


Coupe de la Ligue (1): 2002-03


Ligue 1 (2): 2006–07, 2007–08, Trophée des Champions (1): 2006

Copa del Rey (1): 2009-10

A cup winner, so a winning mentality must be present. 21 France caps to date so is looked at by his country, trusted to play at the top level. Squillaci ticks all necessary boxes…but why oh why in an Arsenal shirt does the gallic defender make so many sacre bleu’s!?

Sebastion treats pace as a dirty word and turns as quick as Rooney moving away from a buffet table. I hate being a critic but he does not fit in. Cygan and Eboue managed cult followings, John Jensen was notorious for his 1 goal scored and Glenn Helder revered for his one trick man ship.

I just don’t understand. Can anyone tell me how they feel Squillaci fits. Oh Arsene what have you done?



  1. vanpersie1

    February 8, 2011 at 10:25 am

    personally i think squallaci is one of the worst buys in the history of our club, please remind me again why on earth we let Gallas go and bring in this incompetent of a defender. he is absolutely useless, i dont mean to b critical but everythime we drop big points in games he is always at the centre of the attention. Wes brom at home, tottenham at home, sunderland away, Wigan away and now Newcastle away

  2. GunnerPete

    February 8, 2011 at 10:35 am

    I dont know where you and other sites have been for 6 years? I for one and thousands of other Gunners have aired serious doubts about Arsene’s big flaw ie; he cannot (A) understand defence at all (B) He cannot see/feel a great defender (C) He cannot organise a defence and (D) He is too stubborn to accept help from ex top Gunners like George Graham who built the greatest defence in history from nothing.

    I will say it one last time, what I said in a mail to AW himself in 2005 …”you will not win a thing again unless you buy a stock of young British born defenders, as per GG” Now I feel like a profit!!

    Sadly like many others who are sick to the core with being right about this, I read that not only do we not have our number one CB Vermaelen (nearly a season) but we have now lost the only other quality player Djuorou. Without him we would be about 7th in the table. As forecasted by many others too…Arsene has ..AGAIN left us short by not buying quality backups when it was so obviously needed and we will face Barca twice / and several top PL clubs with the worst two players since Cygan & Stepanovs…and who bought them ?

    Finally, how come all the smaller clubs in the PL can bring through CB talent like Cahill, Johnson, Lescott, Ferdinand, Terry, Jones, and many more and the Great Arsenal end up with the above shower?

    Two weeks ago I was so impressed with the Djourou led defence that I was confident AFC would win the CC, FA cup and possibly the league…..I also thought we would give Barca a game this time. Now I will be chuffed to bits to get a cup anywhere , and expect a Squillacci led defence to fall apart in Spain.

  3. GunnerPete

    February 8, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Sorry should read Prophet or was I right the first time?

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  5. mafika, south africa

    February 8, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Personally i’ve always been supportive of Wenger up to this day but this time i’m upset with the man. He will never admit to making a mistake by not getting a quality defender in January knowing very well that TV is some time away,Johan’s knee is still delicate(by his own admission wanting to rest him)
    Now i feel like our world is going to crumble around us on all four fronts,i’m gutted by what happened on Saturday to say the least and as for SS, A BIG USELESS!!!

  6. Osaiyuwu Eseosa

    February 8, 2011 at 11:24 am

    The same old stories every season why we attually drop 2point in saint James pack after leading 4nil was bcos of Djou injury not really bcos Diaby was sent of ,u all remember in Jan i was talking bringing in samber dat stuborn French man refuse.let see hw the season goes.

  7. david mukuria

    February 8, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    God had mercy on us throughout the transfer window but there is one man mr know everything (arsene wenger) have wrecked our ship once again . f:::k.

  8. solomon

    February 8, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    GunnerPete, i disagree with you on one point; “two useless defenders”. maybe you meant one useless defender. Laurent has improved tremediously recently. Sebastine might be a top class defender but definitely not in our shirt.
    I think our major prblem is that Wenger does not know how to coach a defender. I think he should bring in Tony Adams as an Assistance coach to train our defenders. Set pieces has been our major problem for over 5 years now. Even when we had the likes of kolo and Gallas. Does it mean that the two are not good defenders? They are good but they needed someone who will train them on how to defend properly and such an Assistant coach will able to identify an Arsenal potential before Wenger sign them.
    Way forward, we should all be praying for a speedy recovery of Djorou and quick match fitness of Vermelen.

  9. Bogale from Et

    February 8, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    I think, his compatriot for Arsene one reason to be fit but as a player he could not even to be fit for Arsenal, let alone to be fit for champion ship club

  10. JohnW

    February 8, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    There are some players who have luck on their side. I think Sebastien falls in this category. You may find at the end of the season that this not so convincing defender has won the EPL. I hope he does, then moves on to pave way for Kyle Bartley.

  11. Saffajim

    February 8, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Sebastian is a decent defender but not top class. He is too similar in style to the other three 1st team defenders and the worst of the bunch. He is not a strong physical defender but is rather a technical defender that needs to play with an aggresive, strong, physical partner. Poor buy Arsene

  12. samuel

    February 8, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    Just remind us once again of Squillacis so called defending frailties as the ref and his assistants decide on what they saw or didn,t really see and Squillaci doesn,t have to step,out of the way for a opposition player to have a free run on the Arsenal goal otherwise the fickle Arsenal fans will be saying why doesn,t Squillaci make a tackle or whatever ,more rubbish from Arsenal so called fans?

  13. Tom

    February 8, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Is gunnerpete on crack??

    You wrote to Wenger in 2005 and said we need an English stock of players, and now it’s proving you’re right? How are you right? Arsenal are second in the league, champions league knockouts, fa cup and final of carling cup. Wenger knows more than you, I can safely say that, unless you’re a manager in the premier league? He has English players coming through the ranks, unlike most clubs that have to buy English players off other clubs.

    Going back to what you said ‘Cahill, Johnson, Lescott, Ferdinand, Terry, Jones were produced from smaller clubs. I wouldn’t say Villa (Cahill) Chelsea (Terry) West Ham (Ferdinand) are small clubs. Chelsea are as big as us, Villa and West Ham have had a youth set up nearly as good as ours.

    Going from your list, on paper Squillaci is better than all bar Ferdinand and Terry. I do think he hasn’t adapted as well yet, but I would take him anyday over Cahill, Lescott. Cahill is very overrated, and Lescott, does he even play anymore? Jones could be a decent CB, but not at a champions league or international level. He’ll be another Cahill, great for a team outside the top 4.

    Who the frig is Johnson? Better not be Glen as he’s a right back, and better not be Roger, as he’s so bad he insults my eyes when I see him play.

    So prophet, thanks for your words of wisdom, go back to your office job and football manager 2011. I will believe Wenger over you, and even though he’s having a rough time, I’ll support Squillaci. Funny that, being a supporter, I’m going to support our players?

  14. k0zmic

    February 8, 2011 at 11:42 pm


    I agree. I’m backing Squillaci, it’s his first season in England, just come back from injury so it’s not really fair to criticize him to the extent some have. I also feel people just look at his mistakes and not his positives, playing at an attacking club like Arsenal will mean the CB’s are going to get exposed, especially with 10 men when the DM is gone.

    Cahill is decent but not worth more than £15 million, tops. I think he looks better than he is as some players do when at a lesser club. Jan Vertoghen is probably a better prospect than him due to his versatility and former partnership with Vermaelan.

  15. GunnerPete

    February 9, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Well Tom it seems that your childish reply means you are still at school. Johnson by the way ,like Dann, is a Birmingham CB of great potential who AW looked at several times and decided he would not make it. He is 6’3″ and desicive and 100% dedicated to defending. He also scores quite a few goals per year. So get your facts right son. If he insults your eyes and Sqillacci dont then you should have gone to Specsavers mate !

    I have supported the Gunners for over 61 years so Ive seen them all come and go so my opinion is based on facts not Twitter etc.

    In the past five seasons how many times have won? We have been first , second third in the league many times but have fallen short every time…why? because AW has not had the quality defenders to call on in a crisis..and every season we the Gunners have a crisis of missing CB’s and CD’s….ie: we patch up with crappy buys like Squilli,Cygan,Stepanovs, Senderos, Gallas (who you rate but just how do you justify his tantrums that lost us big chances of trophies) ..add to this mob and others who were so bad they never made it out of our reserves, the goalies AW has bought that has cost us trophies almost single handed!

    Also lets get it right….I think and always will that Arsene is the greatest manager AFC has ever had and will continue to be so, but with a fatal flaw that he cannot escape…any defence he has put together has won sod all.

    The big winning seasons early on were based on the greatest defence ever that AW inherited ! As they retired one by one, so did our ability to sing 1-0 to the Arsenal.

    I final point is that my crtisism of AW is that when all knowledgable fans and critics alike see that losing a star performer like Vermy (who AW bought…so 1 out of 8 attempts is not good) is out for a year and the only quality back up Djourou is coming back from another year out with a dodgy knee then you do not bring in yet another couple of tip tappy 6′ CB’s who cannot head a ball or defend from set pieces. AND worse than that when you have a chance to admit that in Squilli you have bought a dud and need to mend that mistake quickly….you dont blow that chance…we did!

    I state again…that IF & only IF…Djourou is available for nearly every game until the end of this season we will not win a thing. I did play semi professional for Barnet in the 60’s and probably know a bit more than the average X-box player like you….so listen and learn mate.

  16. Tom

    February 9, 2011 at 11:08 am

    I think you’re losing the plot in your old age mate. Roger Johnson is never in a million years good enough for Arsenal, along with most of the other names you mentioned. I’m happy to have Squillaci over most of the names you threw about.

    Squillaci hasn’t adapted as well as Vermaelen did for his first season, and he has struggled at times, but he is a class act. He can bring us everything we need. I’m not saying he’s our best defender, far from it. He is our 4th choice central defender, but as we have had injuries and suspensions, he’s played a fair bit. As I said in my previous post, if you can tell me, a better 4th choice defender, from any team in the world, I’ll reconsider. I can’t name one.

    Still can’t believe you rate Roger Johnson.

    You also make me wonder whether you actually watch Arsenal? Wenger hasn’t put together a back 4 that has won anything? Let’s go to possibly our greatest achievement….the invincibles. Lehmann Lauren Campbell Toure Cole. So who paid for all these players? Did Wenger not sign them? With his lack of defensive capabilities, he did well to guide them through a season unbeaten.

    I’m glad you admit Arsene is the best manager we have ever had, and his philosophy is to attack. I would rather watch the games (sometimes frustrating games) and play it this way, than ever go back to the 1-0 wins under GG. That wasn’t football. Yes we ground out results, but football is about expressing yourself, and if people are going to pay money to watch, it is about entertaining as well.

    It just really surprises me that you won’t support the whole team. Nothing you do will influence Wenger, do you think he read your letter? Or your comments on this blog? No.

    I congratulate you on playing semi pro for Barnet. Most bloggers I don’t think even play football at all. I was a scholar under Wenger at Arsenal. I never made the cut, and was released at 17 in ’98. He came and told me that I am a very good footballer, but I wouldn’t make the Arsenal team. I appreciated that, he was honest and truthful and told me the level, he saw me playing at. It’s refreshing after all the BS people filled me with. After trying to earn a contract at a professional club, things never worked out, and I went back to Arsenal. At 18, they offered me a job, to work with the clubs agents and look after the youth players. I’m still in the job, and the current batch of under 16’s are phenomenal and 90% English. Maybe one or two will be given the shot at the first team, but the production line is better than any. I’m proud to be an Arsenal fan, and work for my club in anyway I can. Even though he released me, and I never made it, I owe everything to Arsene.

    Squillaci is a decent player, his career shows that. I believe he will be a successful player. Just have some faith and support the team!!! Everyone that’s in it.

  17. realistic tony

    February 9, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    anyone who believes squillachi is anything more than poor is watching a different game to the rest of us. The worst defender ever to wear the great rednwhite. In fact hes so bad if you paid/fined him on performance the club would make money.. HE’S ABSOLUTE CRAP.
    and aside from defending, i wonder how diaby feels after that “hospital” ball squill gave him that started the newcastle collapse.

  18. Tom

    February 10, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    And I’m sure you could do much better realistic Tony.

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  20. GunnerPete

    February 13, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Tom, whilst I love your dedication to our great club, I am sad that your rose tinted life can only see what you want to see in Squilli. He may have had a storming careeer in France but he stinks here. AND I would go even further and say that we My AFC could well lose the title by a couple of points that could have been saved without Squilli playing. If you actually used facts in your arguements instead of you false sense of loyalty to one player, you would see what most other supporters can which is, Squilli and Denilson are sudstandard and are not AFC class. God forbid we have to use either again this season, but the rest of the team cannot keep covering up for their inadequate qualities. Finally, just a foot note. I have a brother on the groundstaff and a close friendship with an ex AFC manager….they both think Squilly is UK 1st Div only.

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