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Champions League Glory Beckons

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After being occupied with the Premier League for the past two weeks, we will now have two consecutive Cup matches to look forward to this week. Of course the big one is this Wednesday when we entertain the “best club team in the world” Barcelona before travelling to Leyton Orient for the FA Cup clash this Saturday.

Just similar to last year, no one is giving us a chance to progress beyond the first knock-out round after we were paired with Barcelona way back in December. After seeing how Barcelona almost lost last weekend, I am fairly confident we would hold our own on Wednesday. In fact I am quite certain we would get a win at the Emirates.

Last year we had the team from Catalonia reeling in the first leg. We could have even beaten them had we taken our chances well. This time around, we are firing on all cylinders and if we have Nasri back, and then I think the Spaniards will be in for a surprise.

As I have said many times this season, the key to winning a match like this will be efficiency in front of goal. If we were to play like we did over the weekend and squander clear cut chances, then we would be in trouble. It is a good thing that we will have RVP for this match. We missed him dearly last year and we could only imagine what would happen if we had him on the pitch. This year, I am sure the team wants revenge for that loss. We just need to be brave and show the world that Barcelona are only as good as their reputation and it counts for nothing on the pitch.

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