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Which keeper is future Arsenal No1…Easy choice for me!

At the pub I was asked “Your a Gooner who’s the best of your bad lot between the sticks”? For me no thought needed. Big bad Vito ‘Don’ Mannone. He may look like Harry Potters Viktor Krum, he may be out on loan at the Tigers, he may be recovering from an injury…but for me, he is the future of Arsenal.

Maybe it is the Italian goalkeeping Genes, grim stare or the calm air but for me ‘fourth choice’ is a dirty word to describe Vito. When playing Vito has had most shut outs per game. Clean sheets are something of a modern rarity that have George Graham pulling out the remainder of his hair. Almunia WAS solid but has lost confidence, nerve or if over critical both. Glimpses of class are no substitute for Vito’s consistency.

Fabianski has grown in stature and regular games have bred confidence and an assurance in the nets…but again like a Polish vampire he seems to fear crosses and for every perfect punch we get three floppy Fabby flaps.

Sczesny the flavour of the month and I agree could be the taste of the next ten to fifteen years. For all he is the better of the two Poles, Vito still wins out. Vito has a ‘different’ presence and ingrained experience. The defense is more organised and Vito has more vocality over his four defensive charges.

Each provides a competent case for the job but for me our Krum look a like is  laid waiting in the shadows of Hull, waiting to return to the Gooners and prove his composure, class and his rightful glove laden throne. Not only for Arsenal but also as the future of Italy, I believe Vito will win out.

I have a feeling we have a special keeper waiting to claim his place. Do any other Gooner’s, Italians, Goalkeeping connoisseurs or Harry Potter fans agree?

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