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Sir Alex Ferguson Contradicts His Assistant Mike Phelan

Alex Ferguson Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson watches the action with Assistant Mike Phelan (L) during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Sunderland at Old Trafford on December 26, 2010 in Manchester, England.

Well it didn’t take long for Sir Alex Ferguson to completely blow his Manchester United assistant, Mike Phelan’s assertion last week well and truly out of the water. It can’t really be much of a surprise, considering what Phelan actually said. I mean, as soon Phelan declared, “we can’t dispute the referees decision” after Mark Clattenburg’s decision not to take action against Wayne Rooney for the now infamous elbow on James McCarthy, you just knew that in the very close future, exactly that would happen.

Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t exactly hide and shy away when asked about a controversial referee’s decision. He has been critical of the men in black many times in the past, whether that be due to a decision made by them that he strongly disagrees with, or even if their fitness is called into question. He doesn’t cower in corners when it comes to the men that call the shots. So for Mike Phelan to say after the Wigan game that he and his club (including Sir Alex) could not criticize a referee’s decision, well it is a bit rich.

It is even more bizarre once you hear what the Manchester United manager said after the Chelsea game of the referee. It is fair to say, that from his comments, the Scot isn’t the biggest fan of Martin Atkinson. He said:

“You want a fair ref. I don’t know how he got this game. I must say, when I saw who it was, I did fear that,”

“We defended badly for the first goal, That was a bad one to lose but the penalty kick was so soft, deary me.

“It’s three years in a row that decisions have changed the game here. It was incredible.

“Luiz had done (Javier) Hernandez off the ball and nothing was done. Then he does Rooney, clear as day.

“You are talking about what changed the game in the second half, these are decisions that change the game and he [Atkinson] is going to be refereeing every week!

“I’m proud of my players. They endured a lot of bad decisions against them and they have done their best.

“They [Chelsea] got a lot of decisions that surprised me in a major game like that.”

Now if you looked carefully, you may have seen a little criticism of the referee. Okay, okay, there is a lot of criticism aimed at Martin Atkinson. I wonder whether Mike Phelan sees it that way considering his statement earlier about not criticising referees?

Sir Alex’s frustration is understandable though, as David Luiz certainly should have seen a red card for at least three very bookable offences.
The first tackle on Michael Carrick was a definite yellow – and he as shown the card. It was a late, vicious and dangerous challenge that had Carrick flying through the air. Then Luiz committed a questionably worse foul on Rooney, as he cynically blocked a run with an outstretched leg. The referee had no obstructions to the incident, but waved lay on. Luiz also blocked Chicharito off the ball, leaving Chicharito lying on the floor thanks to the body check but no action was taken.

Other debateable decisions include the penalty given to win the game in which Yuri Zhirkovic left his leg in looking for the foul from Smalling, and the fact that Vidic was shown red, but not Luiz. All in all, it was a frustrating night for United and Sir Alex, who blew a golden opportunity to move further away from Arsenal in the title race, and leave Chelsea’s title hopes languishing in fifth/fourth place.

Arsenal as it happens have a game in hand and have now witnessed Manchester United’s second loss of the season and will have a chance to inflict the third when the two title challengers come head to head later in the season, which could become a very decisive game in the race for supremacy.

Up next is Liverpool for United, and here’s hoping that no controversial referee’s decisions will impact the game and that Mike Phelan keeps his dubious statements to himself when in front of BBC cameras.

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  1. stephen mcl

    March 3, 2011 at 9:40 am

    obviously the publisher of this article is a man united fan. Now for a start theres no debating luiz should have been off but rooney should be out for at least 3 games after that elbow. Now as for zhirkov he didnt leave his leg in, if u look at it again ye would have been through on goal if he had run on. Sad thing is rooney should still miss at least another 2 games and luiz should miss 1 seems like man united got the better deal if ur blaming refs decisions. Will ferguson get a ban for his comments? I doubt it

  2. realist

    March 3, 2011 at 10:55 am

    stephen mcl – a bit silly to be bringing up the rooney incident dont you think?
    that was another game another day, and has already been debated!

  3. Jimmy

    March 3, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Those who leave in glass houses dhould not throw stones. Man U gets a guaranteed 12 points every year from refrees and its sad that such people like yourself keep complaining bot referees when they dont go ur way. Chelsea were by far the better side in the second half. Wot makes you think the rooney-wigan incident should not be discussed here. Who r u to syop people. Dat was robery on its own if wigan r to be relagated this year.

  4. Solocom

    March 3, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    It is only wen decisions ar not in man united favour dat ferguson always opens his mouth to critise match officials,if Luize should have been sent off then Rooney should’nt have played in the match.other manager do not complain when united gets undue advantage from Howard not surprise at ferguson’s remark but am disappointed in him and man united

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