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Another Witch-Hunt On Man Utd & Sir Alex Ferguson

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Instead of being able to focus on the next task at hand, the highly-explosive North West Derby, Manchester United’s attention is being diverted by another witch hunt involving the club.

If the Football Association get their wish, Sir Alex Ferguson could be facing a fine and a touchline ban for his off-the-cuff remarks following United’s unfortunate loss to Chelsea. The FA has requested that MUTV, the official television station of United, to release the entire footage of their post-match interview with the manager, because they are interested to see what else he said about the referee, Martin Atkinson’s terrible performance.

The comments that struck a chord with the FA was that Sir Alex said he “feared the worst” ahead of this big game after seeing that Atkinson was in charge. Sir Alex has never been one to shy away from a question that has led to him saying something controversial, but, on the other side of the coin, the Gaffer has also never hid his condemnation for the “Anybody But United” journalists, either.

These gaseous acts of inflaming by the press were precisely why Sir Alex has boycotted his obligations to do a press conference in the past. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Friday’s pre-match news conference has been canceled, as he is growing tired of the constant invasive ways of journalists and non-credible papers.

When the stubborn Scot does finally decide to conduct another press conference there will be even fewer “dailies” attending after he warned them for stop twisting everything he says into lies. The actual definition of a reporter it is suppose to be person who writes about factual events for a living, and the contributors to the English press definitely make serious coin off United and Sir Alex.

More times than not, the majority of these pencil pushers lick their chops when a story like this breaks about Ferguson, a popular player or the club, itself. The thought-provoking journalists have been given virtually a free reign to ask a question, or write a story of their choosing, which is fine, but all he and other people ask is that the article is unbiased and truthful.

But if a manager, Sir Alex in particular, answers that question honestly by speaking his mind then he is subjected to a fine, a ban – or both – which is leading to unhealthy imbalance for the sport. Managers are normally the first ones to face the axe when there is string of poor results or anything else going wrong on, so it should be almost expected when Sir Alex, who should never fear for his job, lambastes these reporters for creating a lot out of nothing.

A blind man could see that there is is a bias in the media against United – but that is all down to a couple of things. With United, there is no in between – either someone loves or despises the clubs, which leads to either an increase in popularity, or it heightens animosity towards the club.

From the current supporter’s perspective, these articles, which usually contain no direct quotes or factual content from the parties involved or in question, are published to just stir up a mix reaction on their respective websites. United supporters are constantly subjected to reading the same stories being circulated every couple of months, which is done purposely to not only rehash old wounds, but to stir up a negative reaction.

Why do these daily publications do this? Simply to attract more viewers to their website. Keywords like Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney, or any variation, are usually picked up in Search Engine Optimizers, SEO, more than most other clubs, managers or players.

Under the guidance of Sir Alex, United has admirably sustained the consistent hunger for success over the last 20+ years, and that fuels some of the journalists fires to pull out all stops to attempt to knock the Reds off their perch in any way that they can. Their bubbling jealousy simply stems from watching United overtake their respective club’s, Nottingham Forest or Liverpool to name a couple, success from their heydays in the 1980’s.

Let’s face it, Manchester United is one of the biggest club in the world, with a fan-base of a reported 333 million, so people all across the globe are most certainly interested in what is happening, and when it is controversial – all the more enticing.

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