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Abysmal Actions Of Liverpool Players Detract From Dour United Display

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Despite their deserved derby defeat, Manchester United were still able to boast that they are still the class side in the North West Derby. In football terms, United did not offer anything positive, but there were two instances from two different Liverpool players that showed just how classless and cowardly the home side were in the match.

After the match Sir Alex Ferguson, who is facing a possible touchline ban following his just remarks of Martin Atkinson’s refereeing performance against Chelsea, ordered his players to remain silent following their loss to Liverpool.

That bold, but warranted decision by the United manager will automatically impose another fine on the club, because managers and players are ridiculously required to speak to the media following a match. In regard to the media blackout, Ferguson applied common sense logic, “If you do not have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all,” but because of that stubbornness the United manager will be in more hot water.

These completely bias pundits should really have their journalism privileges revoked, because they never offer anything but a “Anybody But United” mentality, and that, ultimately, led to Sir Alex to banning any communication with the media – even to MUTV. The post-match reporter should be really thanking his lucky stars, because s/he was spared a certain verbal telling off by Ferguson after he would have been order to prod Sir Alex into relinquishing his hostile thoughts.

Any simple agitation would have surely sent the Gaffer off the deep end with another rant against the referee and those two Liverpool players.


The United manager, who admirably stood up for Wayne Rooney after he threw an inexcusable elbow towards James McCarthy, must be thankful that he does not have two criminals like Jamie Carragher and Luis Suarez in his squad of players. Carragher, who is considered to be one of Liverpool’s greatest ever servants, showed complete abandonment and recklessness with his x-rated challenge on Nani, which left the United playmaker needing to be stretched off with a deep gash to his left leg.

However, moments later Carragher was almost outdone by another chicken-hearted act from a proven footballing thug as Suarez continuously tarnishes his ability as a player. After Rafael, rightfully, earned himself a yellow card for his wild tackle on Lucas, it kicked-off a skirmish between the United and Liverpool players, however, Suarez took it to another level, and was pictured pulling his the young full-back’s hair. Because of his pompous, bigger-than-life attitude, Dowd decided against properly policing the melee, so there is no way that he saw Suarez commit this heinous act, so, theoretically, he should face a nice suspension from the FA.

To be honest, what is even more baffling, almost amusing, is how some these so-called “neutral experts” tried making light of Carragher’s high, studs-showing lunge on Nani by saying that it was equal to Rafael’s challenge. Craig Burley has never hid his distaste for United, and that was there for all to highlighted he comically failed to recognize that Nani used a burst of adrenaline to race over to show Dowd the result of tackle.

Shamefully, all of one-sidedness in the media has completely fogged up United’s terrible team performance, which should have been the focus of discussion.


Because of disgraceful lack of professionalism on display by the Liverpool players – and the referee – United’s retched performance has flown under the radar. Not one United player put in a performance worth mentioning, which was disappointing considering the fact that this was a must-win match for the Reds.

To be honest, each individual performance was equivalent to a shrinking violet, which was very uncharacteristic of one of Ferguson’s team. Time and time again, when a United player was presented with an opportunity to take the game by scruff of its neck, each them failed miserably, which was even harder to stomach than Carragher’s challenge.

Now Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United coaching staff need to pool their resources to resurrect their season before self-destruction destroys their season’s aspirations.

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  1. timbo

    March 10, 2011 at 6:11 am

    If anyone ever needed reminding of just how retarded Liverpool supporters are, or how far their once great team has sunk, it’s the fact that the only thing they have to jump up and down about, in lieu of any silverware or even the possibility of making the top four, is a solitary win over United. That more than anything shows the parlous state of things over at Anfield, the kind one off glory lesser teams aim for in the competition when they now they haven’t got a chance at anything else. The other giveaway is their predilection for prowling United forums (not general forums like this) to vent their spleen – on the odd occasion I’ve glanced at Liverpool forums to see how opinions were running on certain issues, I’ve rarely seen any United fans on board stirring up the locals.

    Lastly, Kenny Dalglish (a player I admired enormously in his heyday) and his suggestion that the ‘respect’ edict had been given its due by his players, set a new benchmark for outrageous claims in football. Suarez is a thug and a coward – what kind of integrity do you have for the game, for an opposition player, for you own team’s reputation, to be so slimy as to pull someone’s hair from behind? As for Carragher? Anyone trying to claim his tackle is just an idiot and totally one-eyed with regard to supporting their team. You can lambast Fergie for sticking by Rooney over the elbow incident (any fair minded United supporter knows he should have been sent off) yet turn a blind eye to an action that could have put Nani out for the season, or even longer? And if you see nothing wrong with Suarez’s actions, you should start watching pro wrestling. And what of Gerrard’s typically unsportsmanlike behaviour in trying to make Nani stand up – with blood pouring from his leg? Think a guy like Ryan Giggs would act like that?

    The difference between United and Liverpool supporters? Ask any United supporter whether they could accept losing to Liverpool twice a year in return for winning the championship and they’d begrudgingly agree. Liverpool supporters are so consumed by their unbridled envy, their resentment at being left to live off nothing but past glories, feeding off their festering and mindless hatred of a United team that has usurped them and held sway for decades in the manner that Liverpool once did, that they’d concede ANYTHING to take the two wins!

  2. timbo

    March 10, 2011 at 6:15 am

    PS – the line about Carragher’s tackle was supposed to read ‘Anyone trying to claim his tackle was AN ACCIDENT is just an idiot and totally one-eyed with regard to supporting their team’ – the problem with editing as you go.

    • george

      March 11, 2011 at 1:20 pm

      refering to nani ,i know you love you club ,but even though no matter how much that you do , you must admit that most man united fans dislikes the way he prances around with the ball , and his theactrics, diving .crying and acting most of the time,maybe not so in sundays you must ask yourself when watching him in games is he really hurt or not,come on you must admit it,he is an embarrassment to your club,did you also see the clearance off the line by miereles,it was off his chest and from a headed ball from berbertov.with scholes by the side of him,ang all of a sudden two sets of arms go up claiming for a pen that never was,which i may point out is also embarassing not just to your club but most importantly THE GAME. going back to the fa cup whicch he also dived to get a penalty in the first couple of minutes was a joke,not to mention the fact that you had twelve men vs ten,one of those who was dressed in black with a whistle.over the last 2 decades ,most of the silver ware that you have won has been was completely out played off the park,so stop bitching , your just embarassing most of the fans from united,accept it,in kenny dalgish we have an honorable manager ,who in his playing career has won more than your alex has and as a manager in his short time at lfc hasnt done too badly either,so you can tell your SIR ALEX TO WATCH OUT ,because the king is BACK

  3. Herb

    March 13, 2011 at 12:24 am

    All sour grapes!!!
    The mancs attack Suarez buy pulling a wig but never admit how great this player is.
    They tend to forgive their players and never say anything when they act cowardly.
    They envy Liverpool and hate Suarez cos he destroyed them.
    As i said..all sour grapes…

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