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I’m Glad We’re Lost To Barca, More Important Things To Worry About

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I can’t say that the result was not expected but the way that we lost Tuesday’s match was so disappointing. True, we would probably have lost the match but we would never know what could have happened had RVP stayed on. We have just equalized and the Barca defense was a bit shaken. We could have easily gone on to score another goal or create chances as we did with Bendtner’s last minute opportunity.

In the end, it was another bad judgement call by a referee which we are paying dearly for it. How in the hell RVP got the second yellow card is beyond me. The only possible explanation is that UEFA wants to have Barcelona in the semi-finals for commercial reasons and the stooge in the middle of the park has to deliver what his paymasters want. Other than that, I can’t think of any other reason.

Sometimes, I wonder if the footballing powers in England and Europe should ever want to see Arsenal being successful. The number of refereeing decisions that has gone against us this season is mind boggling. Newcastle, Sunderland and now Barcelona have had the good fortune of playing the Gunners with a biased referee in the middle. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this weekend’s FA Cup quarterfinal clash with Man United is settled not by the players but by the referee again. It’s going to be a great cup game no question about it, getting a ticket for this one wouldn’t be easy! For those brave enough to try, check out TixDaq otherwise find a pub or a comfy sofa and enjoy the action!

Nonetheless, I am quite happy that we are out of the Champions League. I think it is a distraction to our main aim this season which is the Premiership. Remember last year, Chelsea were knocked out at the same stage and they went on to win the league title. The same thing can happen to the Gunners. We do not need the Champions League matches in midweek to cloud our already congested fixture list. Let Man United, Chelsea and Tottenham to fight it out. If I am not mistaken all these teams have to play at least 8 matches in April should they continue to move on in the Champions League compared to us with only 6 or 7 matches depending on the FA Cup.

So being out of the Champions League is probably the best news for our Premiership title hopes. Well, that’s how I see it.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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