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Frustration With Ferguson Starting To Set In

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Sir Alex Ferguson’s stubborn stance shunning the press has left these story-hungry journalists with their knickers completely twisted. Manchester United’s media blackout is playing out better than expected, because even a well-renowned media publication has pulled out all the stops by comically tattle their displeasure to Football Association in attempt to get the Gaffer to speak to them.

Instead of being able to twist and turn the United manager’s words around to write their daily stories, these puppet journalists are proving that they do not have a creative bone in their writing ability. It is laughable about how the Anybody But United bias sentiment is spreading like wild fire over all of the social media outlets, Twitter in particular, but it is simply down to their stamping-their-feet annoyance by being told “no.”

Daniel Taylor, a confessed, bitter Nottingham Forest fan, posted an article that Nani has been let down by the club’s silence – but the article contained neither factual evidence nor direct quotes. Instead, this big-time Charlie wrote, “it is understood,” which simply means that he is completely clueless on the actual events that transpired at Anfield, and that he was struggling to come up with his usual anti-United article.

To better prove that point, Taylor’s flimsy article was only a pathetic 232 words long – his title was 10 words – but since he used proper grammar and correct punctuation that is enough to make him a creditable journalist, right? Honestly, it would not be shocking to see any of these journos lining up outside the gates of Carrington like adoring fans, but instead of stopping the United players for an autograph, they try to bombard them with questions.

However, even the dailies have been completely upstaged by a media consortium that is supposed to be honorable – keywords: suppose to.


The British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC, has decided to take this media outcry a step further by involving the Barclays Premier League to get Sir Alex to speak. All that the Premier League can do is impose another fine on Ferguson, which the club has already dished out close to 100k in penalties, because the United manager still refused to speak to them for their personal attack a few years ago.

The BBC produced an untruthful documentary about Ferguson’s son, Jason, and the Gaffer has admirably remained defiant on giving to their “arrogant beyond belief” attitude. The FA has a potential “chicken or the egg” dilemma if they decide to intervene on this growing issue.

United is clearly the hottest commodity in the Premier League, but the BBC has a lot of financial pull and could use their inside connections to provide even more pressure.


The most amazing element of this whole debacle is that Manchester United has dominated all of the back pages without speaking a word, which is a testament to the popularity and admiration that the club attracts.

This is another way United will benefit from this media blackout, and that is from an advertising perspective. The saying, “any publicity is good publicity,” which should help United add to their 100 million revenue earned, but how?

Simple – there should be no doubt that is getting more hits, via the refresh button, as these greedy gerbils wait to sink their teeth in to something – anything. Chelsea played on Monday night, Arsenal has a titanic match with Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, but neither of those two teams could steal the headlines in the London-based papers.

Speaking of Arsenal, Manchester United has a season-defining match against them on the horizon in the FA Cup, so the media can continue to guess how Sir Alex Ferguson will prepare for this highly anticipated match.

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