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Arsenal Fans! Let’s Get Behind The Team & Arsene

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It really irks me to read about fans calling for Arsene to be sacked after the results of the last week. Yes, it was disappointing to have lost in both the Champions League and FA Cup, but what would letting Arsene go do for the club? Absolutely nothing! In fact if Arsene were to leave, I am sure the club would face a period in the doldrum with the exodus of stars like Cesc, RVP and Nasri from the club.

I am not saying that I was not disapointed with the results but if you had told me that Arsenal are still in with a shout of the Premier league title at the end of March, I would have considered it a great season. Don’t forget that at the beginning of the season, all the pundits were questioning our ability to even stay in the contention for an Champions League spot. The Premier League title has always been the number one priority for Arsene and the club, so why are we complaining and calling for the manager’s head when we are in contention of winning the prize that they desire?

Arsene has actually over delivered because we were in contention for all four titles up till last week. If you have been a realistic fan, you would know that the feat was not possible right from the start. Beating Barcelona in the Champions League was always a long shot so we should not be too disappointed there. The Carling Cup was a bad defeat but we weren’t even considering the title in the first place. As for the FA Cup, if losing meant we have a better chance in the league chase, I would take that any day.

So let’s get behind the Gunners and Arsene because the one title that we want is still within our grasp. The boys need our support at this time. All the criticisms does not help one bit.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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