Nani Should Learn, He Can’t Have It All

By on March 28, 2011

Luis Nani has been vital for Manchester United, creating 16 and scoring 9 goals this season. He has all of the qualities of a winger; explosive pace, good passing and crossing, can dribble around his man and can shoot capably with both feet. He has demonstrated that time and again this year with United, and despite what the Portuguese said recently, we will be seeing his excellent qualities for a while in the future. Nani said:

“I try to enjoy playing now, but it is not always possible because I have a responsibility to the team.”


“But something of the street remains in me. It is not easy to show at United because Sir Alex does not allow very much freedom and I cannot do the tricks and things I did with my friends.”

“But when the game is under control I take a risk and it makes me very happy if things work out.”

Nani may be a little unhappy at the restriction he feels Sir Alex has put on him in terms of tricks and show boating, but whether he realises it or not, he is benefiting from it. Ferguson commented on his players progress earlier in the season too, saying that Nani is better at this stage of his career than Cristiano Ronaldo was. Like his Portuguese compatriot, Nani did start off his United career over elaborating in attacking moves and attempting the impossible when the simple pass was on.

Ronaldo certainly improved in this area, and turned the 30 step overs in one run down the right wing into winning goals and valuable assists for his team mates. Nani started last season doing just that, and has come into his own this season, and moved away from the label of ‘Ronaldo wannabe’.

Of course, there is still room for improvement. Perhaps the 24 year-old’s biggest criticism is his tenancy to go down too easily from a challenge, and his theatrics have not made him many fans from opposition teams. But that is just what he does – frustrate the opposition – he wouldn’t be doing his job if he was pleasing the opposition fans.

His top form also has him considered for the prestigious Ballon D’or. Asked about winning the Ballon d’Or, Nani told Don Balon:

“I don’t know about that. I recognise that things have gone well but that’s for other people to decide.

“If my name ends up on the list, I will be happy. I want to be the best player in the world, but I am not living obsessed by it.

My only real concern is to help my club and my national team and keep playing well.”

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