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Double Standards Lead To Rooney’s Two Game Ban | Redknapp Should Keep His Mouth Shut

The Football Association has decided to make another example of Manchester United by suspending Wayne Rooney for two games for his foul-mouth goal celebration.
After leading United back from the death with three goals, Rooney exhausted some of his frustrations and screamed, “What? F*****g What? F*****g Hell,” and the FA took exception to his off-the-cuff celebration.

It is pretty simple as to why the Football Association hammered down on Rooney, which comes down to their flaming arrogance and inexcusable ignorance.

The first and most obvious, reason was simply down the FA holding Manchester United – manager and their players – to different standards than every other club in the Barclays Premier League. United is the model club in the Premier League, but, amazingly, they are constantly made an example of, which illustrates their jealousy of the power being in Manchester rather than London.

On numerous occasions Reds, Sir Alex Ferguson most recently, have been severely punished for things that other clubs constantly get away with, and it is creating separation. Rooney, who recently escaped a ban for inexcusably elbowing Wigan’s James McCarthy, is in no way an angel and needing to curb his passion.

However, it has been said that if you take the ferocity out of his personality then he will lose his cutting edge, which will, ultimately, make him less of player. That simple analogy underlines the other reason that the FA execs are unable to apply simple common sense to any of their decisions.

The major problem with businessmen involved in the sport is that they have never played the sport, only observed it from a comfy seat, but, yet, they are the ones that can dictate the fate of players. They will say that his ban will be protect image of the Premier League and that this type of thing is unacceptable, but the problem is that this has happened and will always happen.

When a player is passionately involved and caught up with the pressure of being involved in a tightly-contested title race, there is always going to be a chance that there will be a lid that blows off, which was the case on Saturday. There is no question that Rooney, and every other United player for that matter, is feeling the pressure and pain to perform at the highest level every week, which is something that other lesser clubs do not face.

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It is fair and common knowledge that United is the only team that is face with a cup final type of game every week, which would cripple most clubs’ aspirations.

Harry Redknapp decided to chime in on the Rooney situation for some reason another and it was another cringing comment from the Tottenham manager. The match was not against United, Spurs are not playing United until next season, so why did Redknapp think that he had the right to comment on his celebration?

Well, is it not Harry Redknapp who has stated on numerous occasions that he would love to be the next manager of the English national team, so, of course, he does not to offend his potential suitors. Whenever a current manager sells his soul to a tabloid like Redknapp has done with The Sun, it is quite apparent that he has no morals and can never be trusted, which every Portsmouth and Southampton fan would tell you as well.

His unwanted opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, because he is self-promoting sell out, and even the majority of Tottenham fans cringe when he speaks. Of all of the reasons that Wayne Rooney has given the Football Association to give him a suspension that used the one, a simple reactionary expression of emotion, so he misses out two crucial matches for Manchester United in a sly attempt to derail their season.

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  1. andy

    April 6, 2011 at 10:24 am

    hold on man, dat was a celebration?? is that wat it was rooney was celebrating,ok
    erm next time he may bring out his crack pipe would that also be ok, i mean it onlt a nation of very impressionable children watching
    the man has a tv series eagerly watched by my 3 boys and its ok for him to go to camera and curse bad words nationally,
    guess ur one of those who think it was harse for ron atkinson to be punished for calling black players n^^^gers too and for grey and the other fool to abuse woman too,
    education mate try reading some books

    • Danny Salford Red

      April 6, 2011 at 10:41 am

      Why bring up the Atkinson thing? Absolutley no relevance whatsoever you pillock. And as for education you cannot spell ‘Harsh’ or ‘that’ or Indeed Andy Gray’s surname so perhaps you should go and read some books? People in glass houses and all that

  2. CiTyBlUe

    April 6, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Power being in Manchester and not London, surely you have made a huge mistake there because United are firstly not in Manchester, they are in Greater Manchester aka Trafford who actually have their own county council.

    It is Manchester City that are in Manchester and this subject has nothing to do with London and Manchester, Wayne Rooney has live to the world spouted abusive and foul language and should be banned for longer than two games.

    Hell I am a patriotic Englishman and believe Roney should be punished by getting an International ban also, to teach him once and for all that just because he plays for United don’t give him the damn right to say what he wants when he wants live on tv.

    Thats the problem with United, the FA treat you different from the rest of England because you think being United gives you ultimate power to do what, when and where without question.

    You United need to come down off your thrones and smell fresh air instead of your own farts.

    • Danny Salford Red

      April 6, 2011 at 10:37 am

      City Blue. Bitter much? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Cheers for that mate as it has made my day. Honestly not laughed so much in days. Longer than two games and an international ban? You silly sad bitter prat 🙂 How many years now………………………………..?

  3. baggies otunuga

    April 6, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Harry Redknapp is overrated. as I believe Everton’s Moyes and the former Aston Villa coach are better potential indigenous coach. D way he oftentimes blabs wt his mouth does not portray him as intelligent enough to coach a remarkable team like England

  4. baggies otunuga

    April 6, 2011 at 10:41 am

    U dont need ds sheer emotional display, cityblue or whatever is ur name. The whole of England and especially Manchester, be it Greater Manchester or the ‘ordinary Manchester’ should be proud of wat Ferguson;’s Man utd, fans, etc have done in d world of soccer. Encouragement is desired, not vilification&most sport, esp. futball, boxing, etc, did not start as morality pastime,

  5. andy

    April 6, 2011 at 10:43 am

    yeh rednapp does gud interviews, full stop but wat about before he come on and makes his excuses!
    he doesnt prepare his teams very well, its too 2nd divisionish, i dont think top players will have respect for him , old playes near there career end may do . moyes actually gets his team to play from the back and use build up play, rednapp allows the hump it up to the forwards thing, bypassing the midfield. if u look at spurs they hav had quote bad day at ofice so many time since december

  6. DKD

    April 6, 2011 at 11:49 am

    You actually have no clue win what you are saying..
    Rooney has no right to do what he had done. many spectators around the world including children watch the bpl, and this is no way to react.
    Then you say..ahh fuck it, why waste my time on a person who favours United when writing a post and not be neutral…

  7. besitzer

    April 6, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    The FA decision could influence the outcome of the Premier League title battle. I find this decision to be more outrageous than Rooney’s celebration of his hat-trick. The striker’s words didn’t offend or abuse anyone in particular. A fine would have been enough of a sentence.

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