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Fergie Quick To Change His Tune As Chelsea Denied Clear Penalty

Well, you know Ferguson, that chewing gum eating, never retiring, always sitting at Stretford End, manager of the Red Devils (Or otherwise known as Manchester United)

Yesterday’s match between Manchester United and Chelsea in the Champions League quarter finals was a great game to watch with both teams hugely in the game, passion, commitment, the lot. But the game was decided by Rooney’s superb finish after a square ball being played to his feet. But controversy, controversy! Chelsea had 2 big penalty claims in this match and here are both of them.

Ramires’ penalty was clear for all to see, this challenge is in fact deserved a red card in all honesty, last man, took out the whole man, it should have been a penalty and Evra to be out for two games.

This Fernando Torres claim, in all honesty, was a bit desperate, but the Ramires penalty should have been given, that one is for certain in my opinion. Well, for one thing I will say that Alex Ferguson is normally known as the man who seems to always claim one thing, that referees decide games. You would usually here him saying quotes like this if his team are on the wrong end of it:

The referee decided the game, we had no chance out there with him giving everything to the opposition and nothing to ours. It was a penalty in my opinion.

Well, so now Fergie gets two penalties decisions going his way, this comes from his latest press conference.

It’s the first penalty decision we’ve had in seven years so we were due one. I don’t feel guilty about that at all. It was a 50-50 from where I was and I don’t know how much contact there was

It can only be Manchester United!

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans



  1. jack

    April 7, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Don’t you just love it! you’re nothing more than a couple losers who have never seen and probably never will see another league title come to your sad club, carry on with your comments you bitters and we will carry on laughing in your faces when we win our 19th league title and become Englands most successful club, I do understand your pain I can almost FEEL it, but never mind! you can always explain to your Grand kids how your once invincible club were “knocked off their f—–g perch ” , bye the one and only SAF.

  2. mikel

    April 7, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    you noting but a fool u do not have a common sense u yourself that u call Ur self jack or what ever u are a fool for ever…how much did Manchester that Ur foolish club gave to u this fool…Ur a bastard….

  3. jose

    April 8, 2011 at 12:13 am

    fergie admitted the decision went for him, for a change, but considering Torres dived earlier and should of get another yellow he was lucky to have finished the game, also Ramires should of got 2 yellows and therefore shouldn’t have been on the field when Evra tackled him, Esssien also was very lucky not to have 2 bookings, so taking all into account Chelsea didn’t do too bad in terms of ref decisions.

  4. harry

    April 8, 2011 at 12:29 am

    “don’t you just love it” when big time supporters think that when they support a club that has won 18 titles makes them the biggest assholes?? losers.. honestly should have been a penalty. manure fans cannot talk bout diving . cronny07 and wayneroo are big divers too. times like this that Jose Mourinho wants to turn up at the bridge

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