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What Went Wrong For Manchester United Against City?

The treble seemed so perfectly laid out for Manchester United, with Bolton and Stoke in the other FA Cup semi final, in the semi finals for the Champions League as well, and in the Premier League driving seat. So what went wrong on Saturday?

Hernandez should have started

Javier Hernandez, their impact player for all season was overlooked for the first XI after Ferguson admittedly said that he felt ‘sympathy’ for Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov. Playing two up front (or in fact even if it was just Hernandez up front) would have been better for Manchester United when facing a side such as Manchester City, as there would be need for people sniffing around for every chance they get.

And Fletcher Should Have Played a Part Too

Whilst Paul Scholes was (safe to say) being the odd man out in midfield for the whole of Saturday afternoon, a disgruntled (and sick) Darren Fletcher must have wondered the difference that he would make should he have played a part in this derby match. Fletcher, a man for the big occasion, it seemed like the perfect return to action, but he was still sick.

Berbatov, need I say more?

Berbatov, let’s just put in this way, Manchester United could have done better with 10 (make that 9 when Scholes was sent off) on the pitch. Berbatov was unproductive and didn’t take ANY chances with him, nearly all of the websites I’ve seen so far have named him the flop of the match. That really does say something.

Wrong Formation

Once again, I bring up Hernandez’s case here, if it ain’t broken, why fix it? The 5 men in midfield seemed (in my opinion) too cluttered together and were unable to produce anything of real menace for Manchester City to be afraid of.

That is all

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans



  1. Adam

    April 17, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Totally True…

  2. timbo

    April 17, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Berbatov was the flop of the game? Yeah, I remember now, he was the one who handed the ball on a plate for City to score!

    The flop of the game was Fergie, for taking the EPL’s form striker and treating him like shit over the last couple of months by constantly dropping him in favour of the season’s number one flop, Rooney, doing everything possible to bring the guy back to some semblance of form even when he went game after game without producing any results. The guy couldn’t even get the ball anywhere near the goal for a match deciding penalty!

    Only Fergie could take the premiership’s leading scorer (and still candidate for the golden boot despite how little he’s been played of late) and essentially ruin his form and confidence by the appalling way he’s treated the Bulgarian. It should have been Rooney dumped to the bench, with the Berbatov/Hernandez axis given its head.

    As for the game and the ffect it had on Berbatov’s performance, Scholes, Park, and Carrick put in amongst their worst shifts so far this season – so how the hell was Berbatov supposed to get the ball? Even Valancia, so often to be relied upon to give pinpoint service from the wings, went AWOL during the game and gave Berbatov next to nothing. As for the Bulgarian’s two chances, the keeper pulled off a flukey save for the first one, deflecting it from his leg to a hand that just happened to be in the right spot to prevent the ball going in. And in case anyone missed it (as everyone’s seems to have done so) Berbatov had to lunge forward to try and latch on to the ball as a defender was neck and neck with him to try and get it, and in fact just missed the ball and smashed his boot into the Bulgarian’s leg instead. Had Berbatov waited to strike the ball in a more upright position he would surely have seen the same kick that slammed into his leg collect or parry the ball. (He should have received a penalty in actual fact for the blatant kick that caused him so much pain afterwards)

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly everyone jumps on to the ‘let’s slag off Berbatov’ bandwagon any instant he doesn’t produce (while ignoring everything else he’s accomplished) yet forgive and forget everything where Rooney is concerned, even when he puts is such a appalling season which has been, even by his grossly over-rated standards, pretty shocking both football-wise and personally.

    Nothing exemplifies for me exactly how unappreciated and victimized Berbatov is then the manner in which he handed Rooney a goal on a plate a couple of months ago that helped get the Englishman back on track. Just about any other striker, including Rooney, would have taken the shot himself under the circumstances, but Berbatov is not that kind of player – the team comes first. Yet gifting that goal to Rooney essentially helped plant the knife in his back that everyone gleefully keeps twisting at any opportunity.

    Berbatov is yet another example of a fine footballing talent purchased by a manager who had not a clue how to best utilize his enormous talents. Everywhere else, including his national side, Berbatov has always been a talismanic and prolific scorer. Only under Fergie has he been misused. Need I remind everyone that Rooney, Fergie’s bastard child, has barely been able to score at all for United over the last 12 months and has been a laughing stock on the national stage every time England has given him an opportunity at recent major tournaments?

    Personally I hope Berbatov moves on after this season, because in 40 odd years of watching United, going all the way back to the last days of the Busby era, I have never seen a player so misunderstood, so ill-used, and so grossly under-appreciated both by his manager and the fan base – largely at the expense of the most over-hyped and over-rated player of recent generations.

  3. timbo

    April 17, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    PS – A note to the 4th paragraph. The latter part refers of course to the second missed goal, not the first opportunity.

  4. brian

    April 18, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Don’t Blame Anyone But Ferguson He Puts The Team On The Park [Back to His Old Self Making Changes To A winning Combination]. Was Giggs Injured? He Had A Blinder Against Chelsea.

  5. John

    April 18, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    First I want to start out by saying I love and support united no matter WHAt!! Sir Alex takes the primary blame today by being over confident in a lineup he didn’t think needed Giggs or Hernandez big mistake!!  Second I’m completely frustrated with berbatov and his erratic and inconsistent scoring as a player you’re judged by your goals period. My criticism of berbatov
    Will undoubtedly upset berbatov fans who could watch him deliver the kind of game and lack of contribution and spark we saw against city all for the remainder of the season. Yet the “fans” would still find someone/something to blame but berbatov. To all this I’ll get the typical “you don’t get it ” to which I’ll tell those fans “YOU Don’t GET IT.” Berbatov is just too inconsistent period.    Third we greatly missed Rooney today and he knows it I just hope the team understands that from here on out a performance like today can be devastating to all the work we done up to this point. United 

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