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What Went Wrong For Manchester United Against City?

The treble seemed so perfectly laid out for Manchester United, with Bolton and Stoke in the other FA Cup semi final, in the semi finals for the Champions League as well, and in the Premier League driving seat. So what went wrong on Saturday?

Hernandez should have started

Javier Hernandez, their impact player for all season was overlooked for the first XI after Ferguson admittedly said that he felt ‘sympathy’ for Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov. Playing two up front (or in fact even if it was just Hernandez up front) would have been better for Manchester United when facing a side such as Manchester City, as there would be need for people sniffing around for every chance they get.

And Fletcher Should Have Played a Part Too

Whilst Paul Scholes was (safe to say) being the odd man out in midfield for the whole of Saturday afternoon, a disgruntled (and sick) Darren Fletcher must have wondered the difference that he would make should he have played a part in this derby match. Fletcher, a man for the big occasion, it seemed like the perfect return to action, but he was still sick.

Berbatov, need I say more?

Berbatov, let’s just put in this way, Manchester United could have done better with 10 (make that 9 when Scholes was sent off) on the pitch. Berbatov was unproductive and didn’t take ANY chances with him, nearly all of the websites I’ve seen so far have named him the flop of the match. That really does say something.

Wrong Formation

Once again, I bring up Hernandez’s case here, if it ain’t broken, why fix it? The 5 men in midfield seemed (in my opinion) too cluttered together and were unable to produce anything of real menace for Manchester City to be afraid of.

That is all

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans

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