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Assessing Arsene and his Arsenal…a split fan perspective

Arsenal fans are as split as the coiffured hairs of Stan (I’m not anchor-man) Kroenke’s moustache. Shares and players, should we keep or should we sell. Six years without a pot may beckon and fans and pundits alike are quick to highlight the reasons why.

First stop ‘The professor’ himself. The hatchet man side of the argument see Wenger as done, his philosophy of evolution in tatters and see the need to spanner them 20p’s and 50p’s out of his vast pockets. I understand the view but disagree in part. The magician had brought great stability, in particular in finance to the club. Looking at the Blues of Man city and Chelsea money is leading to a possible future without European football due to fair trading rules.

Arsenal have progressed and been close to the elusive grails of holiness every fan wants to see on an open topped bus in May. Carling cup – A last minute error leaving no time to make any kind of comeback, F.A Cup – Usual Man U situation, the majority of possession, three to four times more shots on goal and then the ‘Devils’ go and finish the one or two shots they have on target, Champions league – A loss to the best team in Europe by one goal on aggregate, league TBA. Has not two mistakes out of three cups left us cup less! Not that we were not competing or in control of the games.

The league although seemingly out of touch is still mathematically possible a few hours before a decisive Derby. If Arsenal and as a Gooner hopefully do win the league will the doubters jump back on the Wenger bus bandwagon and celebrate ‘a great escape to victory’. Will doubters still want Wenger’s head in the cup as it is paraded to the fans?

I feel my club needs a trophy but I do not feel we should forget what has gone before. Yes Wenger ‘could have’ bought new players, we ‘could’ have been infallible and won cups by being faultless. The season is frustrating but is it worse because Arsenal had raised their game from the previous season?

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