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How On Earth Did Arsenal & United Let Chelsea Back In The Race?

Well, I am simply scratching my head as to how Chelsea have managed to catch up with the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United.

Let me put my thoughts into context, after all the teams had played their 24th game, Chelsea were in 4th place, 5 behind Arsenal, and 7 points behind the Red Devils. 2 games later, they are still in the same position, but 6 behind Arsenal instead. Another game later, they are still 4th, but this time 8 behind Arsenal and 9 behind Manchester United.

What is most puzzling for me is how Arsenal have thrown away all those 8 points in such a short period of time and given Chelsea the chance. It’s the same story every week, it seems, too many draws.

Will Manchester United slip Up? I seriously don’t think so, but that was what I thought of Chelsea’s lead early on in the season as well, as they seemed to have it all early on in the season, so I wouldn’t put my money on Manchester United winning the EPL just yet.

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans

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