Liverpool’s Suarez Shows His Desire & Ambition

By on May 4, 2011

Luis Suarez Luis Suarez of Liverpool in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool  and Newcastle United at Anfield on May 1, 2011 in Liverpool, England.The Europa League isn’t the most attractive of prospects for a lot of footballers and managers, with it being seen as an unwelcome distraction which tires players and gives them a disadvantage in their domestic games. The Champions League is what teams want – more money, more prestige, more glory; players get to test themselves among the best, and managers have the chance to raise their profile on the world stage.

Luis Suarez however, Liverpool’s £22.8 million January signing has set his sights on the Europa League this season as another means of winning trophies. Liverpool are on rich form since Kenny Dalglish returned to the club which praise him as their “King”, but Tottenham remain favourites for 5th place as they have a game in hand. Whether Tottenham want that spot is another matter, but Suarez showed his competitiveness by announcing his desire to get into the competition and win it:

“It is the sort of competition you want to play in. It is our objective for the season. When I came that is what I wanted to help Liverpool achieve.

Suarez emphasised the fact that a club with the prestigious history of Liverpool must do their best to win any competition that they are involved in, even if it isn’t the most celebrated. Of course, the Uruguayan would prefer to play in the Champions League, and that no doubt is the target for next season, but this season that seems slightly too far out of reach:

“It looked really difficult but we have kept winning and we have just had to hope that Tottenham dropped points. Now when they come here it will be the most important game of our season.

“A club like Liverpool can only think in one way. If you get in to the Champions League, your objective has to be to win that. If you get in the Europa League, of course, your objective has to be to win that.

“That is what a club like this must aim for. We have to do everything we can to win as many competitions as we can.”

Suarez’s sentiment is the complete antithesis of that of Bayern Munich attacker Arjen Robben, who seems to infer that the Europa League is the worst possible for his side:

“I cannot imagine that (playing in the Europa League).”

“That is the worst that can happen. I think it is better if you don’t play in it at all.”

“Even winning the Europa League would not mean anything for me. That is not the title you want to win and it is not something I want.”

Suarez’s attitude is admirable, and one that Liverpool will welcome in years to come. It shows his desire to both win things and please the fans at Liverpool, who have been without many trophies in recent years. In his short time at Liverpool, he has shown his tenacity and determination, working tirelessly up front, often on his own, helping to directly create 3 goals for his team mates as well as scoring 3 himself.

Suarez has settled quickly at Liverpool, but due to being cup-tied, has not been able to play in this years Europa League for Liverpool. Next season, Liverpool fans will hope that his partnership with Andy Carroll is a success, along with their season. A full season will showcase his real flare and technical ability, and with this attitude, he is sure to be am Anfield crowd pleaser.

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