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Arsenal – The Seasons Biggest Losers?

Arsenal’s season could have been so different. Arsenal players were boldly predicting a clean sweep of trophies mid-way through the season, as they confidently strode close to that first spot and held a place in all three other competitions. By the end…

Arsenal’s season could have been so different. Arsenal players were boldly predicting a clean sweep of trophies mid-way through the season, as they confidently strode close to that first spot and held a place in all three other competitions. By the end of the season, Arsenal players are apologising to fans, with their heads firmly rooted in their hands after letting slip of a fantastic opportunity to repay the support and strife of trophy-less supporters.

It’s a bit like buying a lottery ticket. You get all excited that you may have a chance of winning millions of pounds, and you imagine what you’d buy when you win. You could turn from having a few hundred in the bank to a few million, and as the draw comes closer, you feel it is your time – your lucky day. Then, the next morning when you check your numbers, you discover the inevitable – you didn’t win a penny, and a huge sense of disappointment runs through you. The difference is, Arsenal’s season was not an inevitable failure. It looked set for success, but it all went wrong.

After defeating Barcelona in their Champions League first leg tie, everyone at Arsenal had that “lottery-ticket” feeling. They had overcome the odds and beaten a team often praised as the best in the world. Wenger was confident:

“We want to go for every single competition. How far will we go? I personally believe we can go in every competition to the end.”

Earlier in January, the club captain Cesc Fabregas had said after beating a battling Leeds side in their FA Cup replay:

“We want to go all the way in every competition.”

Only about four or five months later, and Wenger is contending with boos from his own fans, and players apologising for a dreadfully disappointing season. It really was a slippery slope of epic proportions. It tells a story when Arsenal’s ‘celebrity’ fan and avid Twitter user, Piers Morgan described his beloved Arsenal as “pathetic”, “gutless”, and a team who “don’t have the heart or guts to ever win the Premier League”.

Morgan may not be a very popular person, but his opinions are pretty much spot on. Those comments were made during just a game alone – Arsenal’s most recent loss at the hands of Aston Villa. Even the most unbelievably biased Arsenal supporter cannot defend Arsenal’s performances this season when it mattered.

Of course, luck plays a big part, and the various injuries throughout the season – most notably of Thomas Vermaelen, were a big blow, as well as the ludicrous decision to send Robin Van Persie off in the Champions League second leg with Barcelona. I’m sure there are other decisions that fans may think didn’t go their way, but those are the main ones, and truly are the worst of luck. But excuses for bad displays which are “gutless” and “pathetic” are invalid.

After saying that he believes Arsenal can win all four trophies this season back in February, Wenger added:

“It’s just down to how much we believe and how much commitment we show.”

We must assume then, that the belief and commitment to win a trophy simply wasn’t there.

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  1. ewan

    May 18, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    what team doesn’t want to be in every competition until the end? pointless article

  2. Lumumba Okugbawa

    May 18, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Some teams with huge financial commitments are celebrating Championship qualifications and you call them big winners?

  3. hullgooner

    May 18, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    i think this is spot on, it’s not the fact we failed at everything. it’s that the potential was there to do so much more, but in the end something was missing and we ‘bottled’ it again. i read a post on another website in january from a man u fan who said “chelsea won’t catch us, and arsenal will bottle it again like they always do”. and we did. but, i’ll say the same thing i’ve said for the last 6 years; young team, still learning, a few less key injuries, 1 or 2 really good players in and we could do it next season. (feel free to copy this and save it to your clipboard for next year)

  4. Chongo

    May 18, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Why Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal

    For committing the most unpardonable of all crimes: casting pearls before swine. He took the yobs of North London out of the troughs of Highbury, to the Emirates, and made them dine, at home amongst the royalty of Barcelona and Milan. With a nose for success, Wenger a ‘cordon bleu’, delivered banquets so fast over 12 years, the swine preened themselves to new glorious heights after every feast, augmented their newfound blue blood, made it hereditary and passed it to their bloodline so that their kith and kin can come to the party too. 30000 new gooner gonners. ‘Feed me, I am here at the Immuritz and I’m flush. What time are we scoring the first goal?’ To do that hereditary thing, ‘we must win all the cups and every game, success must be guaranteed’. Yobs expect this to be true, know this to be true. But the cuisine is ‘unenglish’ has to be French, or it aint cuisine (boiled cabbage and baked beans anyone?). These fourainers ‘They always seem to know which way a round ball goes’; anything else, if its’ square, would be the elbow, the boot: squeaky bum time. But swine are not swine for nothing, they don’t let facts get in the way (Wenger inherited his success from Rioch), science is for Asian kids (We never called Tony Adams a donkey), civility? ‘WTF I want my club back, Coyle can guarantee us more success than ‘le Arse’. Reasoning? is what we expect the toffees to do for us, you didn’t think we would let them steal our taxes for nothing. Did ya? ‘What did you do with the £40million we gave you to spend, Wenger? Yes we know Chelsea spent £350million and Man City £400million, but we are sick and tired of your excuses. You can’t keep blaming the ref, how much influence can he bring on a game. Many of them do eat cheese sandwiches so they are professional anyway’. ‘Let’s get Pardue.’ ‘Where is George Graham BTW?’ ‘If we asked him very, very nicely I am sure Mourino would come to Arsenal, with Kroenke in and Dein on the way and a £60million war chest.’

    Mediocrity cannot recognise itself when it has been inbred over thousands of years (Scott Parker for Fabregas. Aye). British Steel? Facts are the iron ore ran out hundreds of years ago. How come ‘British Lions’ don’t have four legs? Are they lions? But don’t tell the yobs this. Reality might make them adjust their minds. And we gotta love them. Where would we go without our hype, what took 100 years in the making? A king once tried to gather all the yobs around a round table to find a better way. What did they do? They fucked him up, they screwed his wife and they wiped out all his booze. He had to throw his magic sword into a lake to prevent them from management.
    Wenger go! Consider what you could do at any also ran club, Man City, Tottenham, Lyon, any Milan. Spread the love and receive it in return.
    If you stay its Jamie Oliver fish and chips at home and chicken tikka takeaway, even in Madrid and Milan. Pass the sword to the yob Wenger, then we can all sit back and die laughing.

  5. shir

    May 18, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    hullgooner i believe in you

  6. Guna

    May 19, 2011 at 7:35 am

    saying i ‘want to’ and ‘believe i can’ is diffeRent to ‘boldy predicting a clean sweep of competitions’ you fool. i want the last 2 minutes of my life back…

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