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Wayne Rooney: From Hero To Villian Back To Hero Again

The 2010/11 season was all set to be the one that grew Wayne Rooney into very good player to one of the world’s best, and, in the process, Manchester United would reap the benefits from that.

Unfortunately, Rooney’s off the field problems became twisted up in his performances on the pitch, which was heightened by the fact that he confirmed that he wanted to leave Old Trafford.

That bold, unfounded statement was shortly retracted after it spilled from his mouth, and since then Rooney has had to prove himself to gain back the trust of the supporters – which came full circle against Blackburn.

Rooney had the weight of the world on his shoulders when he finally stepped up to take a penalty there was a clear look of “releasing the devil” – and with a fluent kicking motion he sent the trophy to Old Trafford as the ball struck the back of the net at Ewood Park.

Lesser players would have crumbled under such pressure and expectations, but he emphatically thumped the ball with complete conviction, and, afterward, he dedicated the title-clinching goal to the fans that have accepted him back in his good graces.

In October, the United No. 10 brought into question the ambition of Manchester United, and on Saturday he secured the Premier League title, and has a chance to do the same in the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley in less than two weeks’ time – some purposelessness that is. Another chance for yet another English and European double in the last three years and an impressive four Premier League trophies in five seasons.

Deep down, Rooney knows that he was misguided by the whispers in his ears from his agent, Paul Stretford, but he knew that the only way he would ever make amends for that dreadful mistake was to play a major role for United to have a successful season. It should not come as any sort of coincidence that in the week after the issue was resolved, United had move to the top of the standings – a position that they would not relinquish for the rest of the season.

He has done that, and since the turn of the year, Rooney has been one of the best players in England – and Europe. Some players may have better statistics than him, but his burning desire has been rekindled and he has turned in numerous man of the match performances.

That all changed when the manager switched his role, which has allowed him to be on the ball more often, which, at times, has clearly benefited United.

Rooney scored that humdinger of a goal to win the Manchester Derby in February, but it is the creative element of the game that has been noticed by most. Before jetting off to America to get his head on straight – or work on his fitness levels, according to Sir Alex Ferguson – Rooney was seen lallygagging around the field with no sense of purpose or desire.

Now, Wazza is buzzing around the field the way he earned himself a big money move to what has now become the unequivocally most successful club in England.

It is good to have Wayne Rooney back to being the consistent contributor he has been known to be, and he will be a main focal point of Manchester United’s success for years to come.

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