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Football Talk Featured On New Smartphone App: Football Addicts

Football Talk is lucky enough to have been selected as ‘blog of the week’ on a great new app called ‘Football Addicts’. The app is packed with great features and is perfect for football lovers!

Football Addicts lets you keep up to date with all the latest news, transfer rumours, injury news, etc, for all the premier league clubs straight from your phone. It uses advanced algorithms to sift through millions of football blogs, forums and websites to provide all the latest updates on your chosen club(s) so you can find all top stories within seconds.

It also includes ‘buzz trends’ for each club and ‘match predictions’ based on web opinions which is a cool feature you don’t find on similar apps as it’s based on the opinions of not just the so-called ‘experts’ but also the fans. There is a ‘top Stories’ section as well as details of the next/last matches for each club. You can share the app easily via Twitter and Facebook as well, and the best bit is it’s totally free to download to your smartphone.

Here is a screenshot of the app with Football Talk being featured as the ‘Blog of the Week’. As you can see, our headlines are listed in order of publish time/date and you can simply click through to view the full article.


Below is a video explanation on the Football Addicts app, check it out. If you want to download it just search for it in the app store on your phone or go directly to itunes here: You can also take a closer look at what the app is all about on their website:

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