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By on May 22, 2011

Manchester United will take on the two B’s in their last two games of the season – Blackpool and Barcelona. One is simply to claim the Premier League trophy, while the other is slightly more important; to win the European Cup. However, if you wanted an insight into United’s fight for the two cups from the most reliable of sources, you will be disappointed.

Sir Alex Ferguson will not be dusting off his keyboard any time soon to log into the micro-blogging site Twitter to share is no doubt interesting and extremely opinionated views about players, managers and of course referees, as he believes it is a waste of time. He believes reading a book at a library would be far more productive. I’m not going to argue with him:

“I don’t know why anybody could be bothered with that stuff.”

“It’s a waste of time. Get yourself down to a library and read a book. We as a club are looking at Twitter because there can be issues attached to it and we don’t want that.”

Meanwhile, former Manchester United midfielder, 6 time Premier League winner and 1999 Champions League winner Nicky Butt believes the key to beating Barcelona in the European Cup final lays in the energetic non stop engine that is Ji Sung Park.

The South Korean has had a fantastic season for Manchester United, featuring as the star player in some of the biggest games, and Butt believes Park will be a huge factor if United are to win their fourth European Cup.

Butt, who currently plays for the Hong Kong side South China and who will perform in Gary Nevilles testimonial four days before the Champions League final said:

“Park has had a phenomenal season. He had that injury after coming back from the Asian Cup but since then he has been outstanding.

“His athleticism is amazing. He can break up play and gives the simple passes. But he also has the energy to get forward and scores the odd important goal.

“He is one of those players that are so difficult to play against because he is non-stop. Clearly they have outstanding players of their own, but Barcelona will not like playing against Park.”

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  1. RedScot

    May 22, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Couldna agree more with Sir Alex, this Twitter nonesense its mind blowingly boring.Who wants to know some digit somewhere put the cat out for its dailies.In fact I have read drivvle like , “I supped 10 pints last night and I still feel gassed”.Erm so..what do you think happens!Drink alchol free drinks…Wkd.In my opinion its like abbreviated chitter chatter on the internet, daz iz de best, innit.FFS Chillax.
    Put on a 8track cassette and kick back. lmao

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