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Redknapp Has No Funds Or Do The Board Not Trust Him?

It’s been an interesting couple of days as a Spurs fan. Lets face it, every day has the potential to be interesting at Spurs so we shouldn’t be surprised. Many fans are all a flutter with Harry Redknapp being quoted as saying we need to sell 4 or 5 before we buy. Now this has caused apoplexy on an intriguing level, with many people joining the ‘Redknapp Out’ brigade. This group are still in a minority but their numbers swelled.

The level of outrage caused, intrigues me for one reason. That statement has been uttered four or five times since May by either Redknapp, Daniel Levy or the board members who met with the Supporters Trust recently. It’s no secret we have deadwood on our books who are overpaid and we’ve been trying to shed for going on two years in some cases. So even if they hadn’t said it already, from a purely business point of view it seems obvious that this is the case.

So why the uproar? Why has Harry’s declaration from Sky Sports News favourite soundbite provider made people decide that enough is enough? Maybe it’s as simple as that. Redknapp has always been a rent-a-gob. It’s why the media love him, he’s always ready to crack the funnies with the journo’s and give them a headline piece. Maybe some fans are just tired of it, they are tired of our club being back page news and fodder for any transfer story going. Perhaps the Redknapp effect has worn off on them.

As our season drew to a close, our fans seemed to be drawn into two camps. Firstly the 2pt8game crew who revere the ground walked upon by Harry Redknapp and believe that anyone with the temerity to question him is an ungrateful heretic. The second group, the fickle idiots, who didn’t buy into last season being as good as it gets, mainly because they felt it reasonable to expect to beat West Ham, Blackpool, Wolves and Wigan at least once each. Of course they should immediately go and find another club to support. This divide is becoming increasingly blurred as members of each group find common ground, although there are extremes on both sides. It wouldn’t be football if there weren’t.

No matter what the fans are thinking, and Redknapp himself certainly doesn’t seem bothered, the opinion that matters is that of Daniel Levy and the board. They don’t seem to be making moves to replace Harry. Though its likely been noted that Harry is chirping this particular line. Is he perhaps setting up his defence when we don’t make signings and the fans get a little vocal? ‘it weren’t my fault, honest, my hands was tied by Daniel, triffic innit?’ Or something similar.

Our lack of expenditure could well be down to the boards realisation that we may only have the services of Redknapp for one more year. He is still the favourite to succeed Fabio Capello after Euro 2012 (or England not qualifying) and his media chums will do their level best to keep him in pole position. Or maybe they just plain don’t trust Harry with the cheque book, I should imagine Portsmouth fans would certainly agree with that standpoint. It could be argued that tying his hands financially could lead us down the Pompey OAP route anyway, as he snaps up ‘triffic’ free bargains. Don’t get me wrong if there is a good free player, we should have a look, but for every William Gallas there is a Matthew Upson waiting to trip you up. Actually Upson’s more likely to trip himself up.

It’s always asked, who would replace Harry if he were let go. The one name that should be at the forefront of that list is Carlo Ancelotti. Unquestionably a world class manager with multiple Serie A and Champions League titles to his name as a player and manager as well as having completed a Premier League and FA Cup double in his first season in English football. He’s a man who has always respected the club and fans wherever he has been and someone who players respect and work hard for. He and his wife are said to adore London and the fact he has taken a years sabbatical leads me to hope that he is the man we are lining up for next year.

I firmly believe unless things go really pear shaped we have one more year of Redknapp. Of course this could be a tough year, already Harry has suggested that even 6th could be tough to achieve. Wow. Maybe last season was as good as it’s going to get. Its worth keeping in mind that Harry’s appointment with HMRC could also play a part in how our summer and ultimately our season shapes up. Actually it’s more important than that. This season is a make or break season for many reasons, so this summer could well shape the future direction of our club.


Submitted by Stuart Watts from THFC1882




  1. TMWNN

    June 28, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Last season was make and break.

    We won’t make top 4 with next season with Redknapp in charge; he’s already talked the team out of it.

    The best thing that could happen now, is for Redknapp to be sent down.

  2. cookiebun

    June 28, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Studub: Haven’t read anything by you before, but this was a good bit of reading and congrats for that. My feeling is that Harry won’t start the season for us, as the Court Case revelations, whether Harry is sent down or not, will shame the Board into terminating his contract based on unacceptable conduct outside football.

    • Dan Mac

      June 28, 2011 at 4:45 pm

      I genuinely believe they already want rid and are waiting for the court case as an excuse to do it. Although the sacking of Jol was very poorly dealt with and probably not necessary, the over reaction of the fans has probably stopped the board being so decisive fior fear of a full scale backlash, unless we are 2 points from 8 games then it’s obvious the time has come!

  3. davspurs

    June 28, 2011 at 10:26 am

    Why are my fellow Spurs fans so glum and turning into the profits of doom. Let me tell you a few home truths we have 36 thousand fans and just has many locked out we have a great squad unhappy and part loaned out and part under used Horrendous injury’s to key players and the biggest shock one of our rivals had there Captain who failes a dug test for waistline that gives you endless energy and his know banned if you belive it was is wife’s slimming aid i know Paddy Kennys dug Ephedrine was being used to gain points to avoid relegation or like City to get fourth. All these teams where in trouble yet like magic suddenly found form when the sack threatened or relegation Chelsea Arsenal City top four Liverpool Everton relegation Man Utd dept and winning the league. I have tried to stop this fals eneregy that i no 100 percent was behind our shock defeats and Kolo only confirmed i was right and when Pulis hinted Man City never got drug tested during there first Cup win i knew why only stoke did and why there tempo was slower than Citys. So don’t blame Harry or Levey we had the players but not the tempo to go with hem and we could buy more players but unless cheating is stopped it wont make a different s just get us in more dept and beaten by the new Blackpool Swansea. These players are not bad Keane Hutton Bentley Dosantos Bassong Jenas they are just in a league full of energized defenders who don’t tire and the FA who are too lenient if the player is from your ex club like Citys ex chairman David Bernstien.

    • Acton_Yid

      June 28, 2011 at 1:00 pm

      Set your own Blog up Davs, then you can spend all your days filling all of 3 people in on your “newfound” drugs stories…you’re wasted on these message-boards mate.

      • Dan Mac

        June 28, 2011 at 4:59 pm

        Couldn’t agree nore… I feel like I read the same statement over and over again. Also, Dav a bit of punctuation wouldn’t go amiss!

    • Dan Mac

      June 28, 2011 at 5:02 pm

      so what you’re saying is that we are clean and everyone else is cheating? The thing I like about conspiracy theories is that they are awfully convenient!

  4. archibald

    June 28, 2011 at 11:39 am

    davspurs, i have read your stuff over various message boards. You really need your own blog: “Ephedrine Days” & collate your complete conspiracy theory rather than leave all these threads all over the (cyber)place. I think you are right,do you have any worthwhile detail though? Watch this space…

  5. dave jones

    June 28, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Ancelotti would be a sound choice, i also would like to see a coach such as Frank Rijkard interviewed. Levy should speak to coaches to ask how they will approach the tactical side of things. our next selection will be vital for the immediate future of spurs, and hopefully no more 4411 or crouch long balls. lets use the class of hudd, modders, vdv, etc. COYS

  6. Anthony

    July 3, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Good article. Good points made. Well, I hope they plan to sack him, but it may be cheaper to suck him when he gets his fine, than before – that could cost the club in damages, and hopefully the club are trying to save on that just. Tottenham needs new coach first, then adequate signings and “player(s) XY.. may search for a new club”, like Guardiola did when he arrived at barca.

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