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You thought Football was good in 3D – just wait for Tennis!

The ‘in-thing’ right now in the entertainment world is 3D. Movies led the way with films like Avatar smashing it in the box office, and sport soon followed by broadcasting live events in 3D. 

By now, many of you will have watched a football match in 3D and you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty impressive!   Nobody can deny the improvement in quality and it makes the game that much more exciting to watch. Once you get past the novelty of watching it in 3D, you soon realize that the effects and image quality is far superior to anything we’ve had before.

Well the latest sport to get involved is Tennis, and what better time to introduce it than during the greatest tennis tournament in the world – Wimbledon.  SONY have teamed up with Wimbledon to have matches filmed and screened live in 3D in selected cinemas around the UK. There are tuns of cinemas taking part including several in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, etc, so there is sure to be one near by. For a full list of participating cinema’s and to find one near you and reserve your place, check out the website at make.believe.

I think it’s a great idea to have 3D tennis, it’s a perfect sport to be broadcast in this way as you will really feel like you’re there with every booming serve, smash or forehand.  And with Andy Murray on course for a place in the final on Sunday, it would be a great time to have cinemas across the country cheering him on while watching in High Def 3D. It will be even better if we get to watch him lift the trophy in 3D though!!!  Imagine watching Murray Serve an Ace to win Wimbledon? Amazing!

Here’s a video i think you may enjoy, it includes an interview with the lovely Maria Sharapova as she prepares for the Wimbledon Final being shown in 3D.

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