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Depleted Arsenal Limp Towards Finishing Line

Bendtner vs Barca

By Guest Writer Edward Prince.

After being given a master class by arguably Europe’s best team with their Argentinean assassin, there was no friendly fire shared between the two sides after Arsenal failed to reach the semi finals of the Champions League.

Focus now lies on the title race in which Arsenal are now limping towards the finishing posts, with two thorough breeds leading the charge. With 5 games remaining and 3 points seeing them from top spot,  it’s undeniable that although there are horrendous injury worries for Arsene Wenger, of the top 3 sides Arsenal have the cosier of games left to regain that all important title.

Is Mr Wenger paying the price for his lack of spending ambition? Maybe a visit from Trinny and Susanne would lead him to refresh his wardrobe and think of buying that glitzy frock for the Oscars. Depth I feel isn’t a problem for the squad but that all important key man is, that finisher that Rooney that Messi.

The injured Van Persie was his go to guy and there is no denying the array of goal scorers in the squad. But now with Cesc Fabregas injured many players will have to step up to that illusive plate. Rosicky’s performance in Spain was lack lustre and he was out-classed, bring a tooth pick to a stick fight, he was overwhelmed by the sheer speed and conviction of Barcelona. Being subbed would have hurt although he surely knows that he was not even close to the pedigree we’ve come to expect from him. The Czech  international has flashes of brilliance but with class thin on the ground consistency must be the order of the day.

With Arshavin also injured, his role on the left is essential to give the team that flexibility to attack at will from both sides of the field adding that dimension used so well by Arsenal in their renowned flamboyant style of football.

On the right Theo Walcott, a promising leader of men, has come of age and seems only to be getting better with lightening pace, ability and awareness to run into space and create chance after chance for the players sweeping up the field to catch him. Chances that must be taken in this tight run up to the end of the season otherwise they may be staring into an empty trophy cabinet once again after such a promising start.

In Bendtner there is a small pocket a hope and match winning goals, which have seen Arsenal scrape 3 points out of a dwindling barrel. But with the number of chances he’s had it’s the least he could have come up with. Let’s hope he learnt something from Messi the magician about slight of touch and first time finishing.  Mr Wenger may have some money in his pocket soon and as the only currency for a striker is goals, so he should be working harder than ever in training.

If Arsene Wenger can’t rely on his remaining first choice players then all hope is dashed to inspire the hungry youngsters to stake their claim. In Fabregas he not only lost a world class player but a leader as well, when it comes to experience Sol Campbell has more than most but depending on the strike force of the opposition his place in the side is not always justified.

I think it’s a case of actions speak louder than words at the Emirates. Inspiration can be drawn from players like Nasri and Walcott and often one man can change a game, but relying on the few is not enough at this top level. With Almunia in goal, although he did his best he wasn’t able to keep a clean sheet in Spain when it mattered. His not so sure hands coupled with a sometimes unsure defence can concede needless goals both at home and away leaving a second rate striker to grab one back from the clutches of defeat. If Almunia is lost then surely the title race is over.  Injuries are a worry for all the top 3 sides on different levels, but this season will be won by a team not an individual.

By signing a striker in the January transfer window Wenger would have eased the strain on those that have fallen this late in the season, many not able to return to see off Arsenal’s title challenge. Mr Wenger believes that self belief is going to get the job done, important though it is. In reality he has found himself short staffed and so scraping together a balanced team for the remaining fixtures will be hard going on the muddy spring surfaces.

With an all important North London derby to contend with Mr Wenger will have to turn to his youngsters to grind out 3 points. His youth policy is clear, but can he drive his young troops enough to bounce back from the heavy weight pummelling they generously received in Spain. I believe they can, there seems to be a healthy team spirit at the Emirates and with that naturally comes self belief; surely these young guns can’t pull it off?

The Arsenal faithful have been waiting long enough; in their darkest hour they must now do the impossible. The battle is not yet lost and the terrain is by no means sturdy but youth may somehow carry them over the finish line so that they may claim their prize.

Can Arsenal win the title despite their injuries? Please leave your comments below…..



  1. Michael Finchley

    April 9, 2010 at 10:23 am

    It’s going to be a very interesting finish and I think Chelsea and Man Utd’s goal difference will be the title decider….. Us Arsenal fan’s can just dream, pray and hope.

  2. lasisi kamali

    April 9, 2010 at 10:51 am

    asene wenger by the god grace arsenal wil sack u.u are not a good coach,u so stupid u are d one dat demolish arsenal since 2006,d our clash match against barca on tue u spoiled dat game. bcos u knw be able to buy a good and strong player 4 arsenal team?every day in ur life,if any team was beaten u nw,wen after den intervw u,u wil saying rubbish dat next seasn u wil brought a new player,see ur life outside against barca, fuck u wenger.stpd

  3. lasisi kamali

    April 9, 2010 at 11:27 am

    since time wen arsenal want to play against any team in EPL am cousing my coach stupid wenger,u are not a guud coach enough,look at chelsea is very strong team dats why den beat u home and away?see now, barca was bid 4 fabregas nw wit £50 pounds if u accept it in dat day we go die,did u ear me idiot wenger!our next match dont let me see u on field dis very very cries 4 gunners for d match wil lost,

    • nana

      April 9, 2010 at 12:13 pm

      please be Smart with your words

  4. nana

    April 9, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Lasisi learn how to write good English and stop insulting.You are actually showing how ignorant you are.When did u become an arsenal fan?

  5. KImeli

    April 9, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Lasisi Kamali, at least you made me laugh.
    Though you should know that Wenger is going nowhere.

  6. hempy

    April 9, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    First of all, the article is so poorly written.Good thoughts but hampered by inefficient writing.

    If you dont know how to write in english, leave it.. what you wrote is a sight for sore eyes but what would one expect from an uneducated radical african fan that doesnt even know what the hell hes writing. shut your trap boo boy.

  7. Finley Harper

    April 9, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    I like the article, although in some places lacking in depth, to demonstrate a little more understanding of the subject matter this would add balance and clarity to a good story. Unless thats what you mean by badly written I don’t see whats not to like?

  8. bta

    April 10, 2010 at 9:11 am

    mr.lasisi before you say stupid ,use unstupid words that shows your stupidity. and make clear your english writing don’t buffle us than you buffled. who do you want to arsenal for coaching? first you have to know how Arsenal is moving financially and additional things. you are only know that Arsenal in playing field and in TV. And i think you began to support two years ago. so i never accuse you. But let me teach you a good manner. “Don’t insult no body”. You are in Africa Arsenal is britanian, do you remember last year what Arsenal fan’s do? last year was a bad season for Arsenal but they were by side of Wenger. they are near to support in sadium and mostly they are a member. but they didn’t even use the same word like you. did you see your mistake? never commite the same mistake again. And “WE TRUST IN ARSEN” long live Arsen Wenger. Wenger shows us a good game than we saw before, every body respect
    Arsenal and Wenger who build Emirate sadium and after that moving without financial crise and also with kids he was rasing the title. but Wenger was not lucky to win the trophy. remember 2007/2008 team that was a good team deserved for trophy but after eduardo injury that occured. close your mouth please.

  9. bta

    April 10, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Arsenal is strong this year. Injury+Goal keepr+reffree influence. but arsenal is resisting all. This is arsenal we need it. but when new injuries occur it was a little difficulties to fix we see when vanpersi get injured we were bitten by sunderland and chealse.but we are still strong.we are with out striker but we are still scorer.


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