TRANSFER NEWS: Reds Ace – “I am close to joining Milan”

By on August 23, 2011

Liverpool are close to saying goodbye to their Italian midfield disappointment, Alberto Aquilani. The 27 year-old is looking forward to leaving the club where he has had very little success or joy since signing for a huge fee of £20 million back in 2009.

Aquilani told the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Spport; “I am close to joining Milan.” It is a move which would see Liverpool make a loss of £11.3 million, with the Milan side prepared to pay £8.7 million for Aquilani’s services.

Having signed Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam this summer, Kenny Dalglish has clearly prepared for a season without the former Roma central midfielder, and with Raul Meireles, Lucas and Steven Gerrard already, it is unlikely Aquilani will see much game time at Liverpool anyway.

In fact, during his season on loan at Juventus last year, he played more game than he has done in two seasons with Liverpool, playing only 28 times and scoring two goals for the Reds. That is due to a mixture of injuries and simply not impressing in the few games he did play for Liverpool.

When he signed for Liverpool in 2009, Rafae Benitez, the then manager said of his player: “He is a good passer, the final ball is good, and he also works. If he can settle down properly in England he can be a very good addition. I think the signing should excite the fans.”

However, he simply was unable to settle in England like Benitez had hoped, and everyone involved will probably be pleased with him moving on, back to his country where he is no doubt more comfortable with his style of play.

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  1. Dazzablack

    August 23, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Is there not something that Roma had to pay us £2million a season for each year John Arne Riise played for them and in effect the transfer fee for Aqualini was used to offset this ? neither transfer fee was ever disclosed to my knowledge and to say Aquaman was £20mil and taking a massive loss seems odd. except of course getting his massive wages off the books is important.

    anyone shed light on this ?

  2. FPT

    August 23, 2011 at 9:57 am

    “during his season on loan at Juventus last year, he played more game than he has done in two seasons with Liverpool”

    Erm yes. He had one injury plagued season with Liverpool and was then loaned out, so only you know where you got the “two seasons with Liverpool” from.

    Most Liverpool fans (who actually watch Liverpool) were impressed with Aquilani. In terms of technique, only perhaps Suarez in our current squad could match him.

    I’m not sad to see him go. No doubt he’s a classy player but his heart clearly is not in it, his agent has spent all Summer whoring him around Italy and AA seems determined to play for anyone but us. I don’t want that in my team and I know for damn sure KK doesn’t either. In any case, I can assure you, £8.7m is an absolute steal.

  3. Dan

    August 23, 2011 at 10:42 am

    I would rather we kept Aquilani. He never really got a chance, joining whilst injured in a season where Liverpool as a whole didn’t perform. Then Hodgson came in and he was sent out on loan once he finally became fit enough to play regularly. During pre-season under Kenny he’s shown that he has the potential to shine for Liverpool but only he knows it he wants to continue to fight for a place or move back home to Italy.
    I think though he is worth at the very least £10m.

  4. flying kuyt

    August 23, 2011 at 10:43 am

    ‘Everyone involved will be happy to see him move on’?!?

    Eeerr not me! Nor it seems, most fans on LFC blogs who understand that he never has been given a real opportunity here and clearly is an outstanding footballer. Unsuprising AC want him.

    It’s a great shame that we are thinking of letting him go and a scandal if it’s making a loss.
    He could be huge in the EPL and for LFC.

  5. Zisuxolo

    August 23, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    Uhmmm whoever wrote this wrote this article is not an LFC supporter. What an utter nonsense with absolutely less information because AA never played 28 times. He actually played 30 times……….. You need to get your facts Mister Clueless Editor. What I hate about your journalism is you never mention any of AA supporting role he played in some of the Games he featured. Do you remember when he was named a MAN OF THE MATCH in 3 Consecutives matches? Can you remember the 3 assists he gave Lfc against Burnley. I doubt so. I’m so sick of useless negative articles like these as you don’t understand the frustration AA goes through everyday knowing that he’s not wanted by the Britain obsessed KD.

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