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Chelsea vs Fulham: Match Preview & Predicted Team

Chelsea vs Fulham(Carling Cup – Third Round) Date: Wednesday, 21st Sept 11; Kick-Off: 19:45 BST 
Venue: Stamford Bridge

Chelsea vs Fulham – Catch all the latest team news, match preview, pre-match analysis, interviews, followed by LIVE m…

Chelsea vs Fulham (THE DERBY GAME): Carling Cup third round action sees Chelsea play Fulham at Stamford Bridge, one of the four matches which sees Premier League clubs battling each other to qualify for the the fourth round of Carling Cup (others being Stoke vs Tottenham, Everton vs West Brom and Aston Villa vs Bolton).

Chelsea lost 3-1 against Manchester United but the scoreline doesn’t suggest the fact that Chelsea played one of the best games they have played so far, away from home at Old Trafford. All Chelsea fans know how well the team played, the spirit and the bold approach of Andre Villas Boas. Let the media and rival fans criticize Chelsea and Fernando Torres for the loss, the reason they are doing is to overshadow how well Chelsea played as a team against Man U.

Fulham under Martin Jol also had one of their best games so far, coming from 2-0 down against the mighty Manchester City side to secure a point. Fulham are a good side and also our derby rivals so even Martin Jol wouldn’t want to lose this game.
Chelsea vs Fulham – Carling Cup 3rd Round – Video Preview

From this game onwards I would put forward my thoughts of what the starting line-up should be as per my views and would expect fans around the world to express the same, as to who would you put out if you were in the shoes of Andre Villas Boas.

What would my team line up be if I was to put myself in place of Andre Villas Boas? I will have to answer a couple of question before I decide on my team.

First Question: Is Carling Cup important as compared to the other competitions Chelsea is involved in? The answer is not so.

Second Question: Do I need to make wholesale changes to the squad like playing an entirely new starting XI (considering the fact that its a good Premier league opposition and not a division one or two opponent)? Again the answer would be NO.

Squad rotation will be there with certain players being rested, all this is important as players need to remain fit in this gruesome schedule of football. But most important thing is winning the game, so put out a squad that will make sure that happens. Based on the points mentioned above, the starting line up I will go with would be:

Chelsea: Hilario; Luiz, Alex, Terry, Bertrand; Mikel, Lampard, Malouda, Josh; Nando, Lukaku

(substitutes – Anelka, Romeu, Kalou, Paulo, Sturridge on the bench)

Inclusion of Lampard is for the sole reason that this guy needs matches under his belt, he is not in good form but he is an important integral part of the Chelsea squad. Nando purely for the current form he is in, he is getting close to his best and his rhythm should not be broken just because its a Carling Cup tie.

Luiz, Alex and Terry form a good defensive lineup. Lukaku, if he is going to be brought on as a substitute late on to change the game then he needs some good game time and this is a perfect opportunity for this young forward, same goes for players like Bertrand and Josh.

Chelsea-Fulham derby game has always been a tough game irrespective of what the competition is and where it is played, so expecting this one to be a great game of football.

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