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‘I Don’t Care About Arsenal, It Was Just 3 Points To Me’

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has taken no extra satisfaction over beating Arsenal, despite the fierce local rivalryl.

Redknapp was delighted with the victory over their neighbours, but takes no extra pleasure despite the local rivalry and claims it was just 3 points to him. Redknapp has also failed to write the Gunners off and feels they will come back strongly:

“The further in front we can get the better. I would be lying if I said I wanted any of our rivals to win. I’m only interested in us, so all bad results for the top six are good news for us.

“It was another big-game victory for us — like Liverpool was a great result for us, here.

“And obviously when you beat one of the top teams up there challenging with you it’s always a bonus.

“I personally don’t get any special pleasure from beating Arsenal. It’s just three points to me. Although I know it’s great for the fans to beat them.

“But I wouldn’t write Arsenal off, though. When they get one or two players back they will be strong.”

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