Arsenal Striker: Departure Is Inevitable

By on October 11, 2011

Arsenal have been losing games this season without much of a fight, so it is somewhat surprising that their new South Korean summer signing, Park Chu-Young, hasn’t featured in many games considering that in just two years time he will be fighting for his country in the military.

South Korea has a mandatory military service of 21 months with the only alternative being imprisonment which he must complete before he reaches the age of 30, and Arsenal’s 26 year-old striker will carry out his, after two seasons at the club, stating that his departure is “inevitable”:

“It isn’t really possible to be excused. That can’t and won’t happen, which is another reason I chose to come here.”

“I’ll have to leave Europe in two years’ time and I thought this would be an incredible place to finish. My national service is inevitable and there is no point in thinking anything else.”

“I’ll still be playing games, but for an army club. I think it’ll be difficult to return to Europe after that, although if something interesting comes up, you never know.”

With this in mind, it may be in Arsenal’s interest to play Park as much as possible in order to get their £4 million moneys worth rather than just sit him on the bench throughout his two years in England. I’m sure Wenger will begin playing him sooner rather than later, having only played the former Monaco star once, which was in the League Cup.

His form for South Korea has been very impressive, with 6 international goals this year – 4 of those coming after signing for Arsenal in August. He may only be spending a short amount of time in Europe, but no doubt he is keen to impress at his new and possibly final football club.


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