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Tottenham – ‘New Modric’ Making A Real Impression

Tom Carroll is fast becoming one of the most exciting youngsters in the league and is showing with his performances in the Europa League that he has all the attribute to become a first team regular.

There is always a silver lining to every cloud, even Tottenham qualifying for the Europa League. The competition, as Harry Redknapp rightfully pointed out, is a ‘killer’ and it is no surprise the Spurs boss has been predominantly picking fringe players and youth as the games have dragged on, with, of course, the odd first-teamer there or thereabouts.

And while the likes of Roman Pavlyuchenko, Giovani Dos Santos and Sebastien Bassong have flattered to deceive even the most die-hard of fans, it is the academy products that have really stuck out like a saw thumb. Those too old for the NextGen competition, which Spurs are currently excelling in, while in turn aren’t ready for the rigours of the Premier League have been performing admirably in the competition when they have been given a chance.

Andros Townsend, Harry Kane, Danny Rose, of which he made he first start of the season during the week, and Jake Livermore have all out in superb displays when called up but one has made an ever lasting impression on Spurs fans, and one that has left them crying out for more. Young Tom Carroll, who looks like he should be readying to study his GCSE’s, has been controlling the tempo and dictating the play in the middle whenever he has started in the Europa League this season.

Some have been quick to point out his lightweight physique in the aftermath of results but then again, Luka Modric isn’t exactly ripped like an old pair of jeans now is he? He hasn’t looked at all fazed in a number of white hot atmospheres this season when, even for a hardened pro, the same grounds would prove daunting. I am, of course, referring to the PAOK game and despite the ground similar to that of a boiling hot cauldron of noise, the young midfielder put in an assured performance that would put players ten-years his senior to shame.

Some are already tipping the 19-year-old for big things in the game and while it may be easy to get carried away by the hype, you can see why fans are already jumping on the ‘Tom Carroll Bandwagon’. Appearing much more mature for his ages than his peers have helped his growing reputation, with many believing he can be the natural heir to Luka Modric, should he leave.

With that in mind though, he still has a long way to go before he reaches the pinnacle of his career but if he continues at the level of development he is continuing now, it may not be long before Carroll find himself a regular in the Spurs starting XI.



  1. Andy

    October 23, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Completely agree with you, he’s looked stunning. Thought Kane was our best prospect this season, but Carroll has been stunning. That little flick he did to release lennon against Kazan was fantastic

  2. Rob

    October 23, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    Comparing him to Modric? Bit strong.

    Tommy C is a good champ player at best.

  3. Sid

    October 24, 2011 at 2:10 am

    I agree, the lad is a great prospect and we have some good lads coming through including Kane but don’t forget the lads on loan who are also doing well, the future is bright etc…..

  4. Roy Singh

    October 24, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Harry needs to tactfully give Carol a slot in some of the PL games just for him to gel in & get the experience.I am not advocating that by doing so, we have to compromise our games.

  5. Mark

    October 24, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    While I don’t doubt that Tom Carroll shows good promise, he remains a long way from being close to a premier league player. For me, he has been brushed off possession too easily at times and looked a little out of his depth (hence Modric came and Kaboul came on last week with Livermore switching into Carroll’s position in the centre). In context, Carroll looks a long way from Wilshere or Ramsey or (closer to home) Tom Huddlestone at a similar age. I wish Tom luck and I am glad to see the other young guys get some games but lets not get ahead of ourselves – there is no one who is obviously going to make a first team regular at Spurs from the current crop, even Rose or Townsend (who I think looks the best prospect).

  6. spursguv

    October 25, 2011 at 9:06 am

    I am surprised livermore has broken into the first team ahead of the rest. He does track back and imo is a bit jenas like. Likes to look good but not enough effort. time will tell. Kane has done nothing wrong, when i’ve seen him he’s been played out of position. Carroll at 19 should have made an appearance before now. Kane and Mason before him scored goals for fun many of em. One of the reason I dislike Rednapp is because he has no idea tactically which means he’s got no idea of how to nuture young players. It’s simply a case of sink or swim. On this basis I can’t see any of these youngsters ever making the grade. I hope I am proved wrong. I hope rednapp takes the england job and we get a manager who can take spurs to the next leave. My dearest dream is the rednapp doesn’t piss off all the class players. he’s had a go at ade, bale, moderic, VDV all in the media. If spurs fail to buy some class players this season we will slowly but surely start losing our best assets. Spurs are gong well but we still have that underlying problem of not finishng off teams. Ade will not sign, he’s already losing form since rednapp said we cant afford his wages! So when VDV leaves (critique arry) we’ll have defoe! Pav will surely want out asap. The future doesn’t look too bright to me. I was absolutely dumbstruck when arry moved moderic to suit livermore!! when he played VDV on the right and when he played Bale on the right! You don’t need a coaching badge to know you get the best from your best players when they play their correct position. If you don’t learn that quickly ya a numpty. sorry for the dig at the young guns and i hope Kane et al get a fair go at it.

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