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Liverpool star slams want-a-way team mates


By Football Talk.

Following Liverpool’s hugely disappointing season, many of their star names have been linked with a move away from Merseyside. Fernando Torres, Javier Mascherano, Pepe Reina and even captain Steven Gerrard have all been linked with Europe’s elite who are wanting to take advantage of Liverpool’s financial situation and their failure to qualify for the champions league next season.

However, defender Jamie Carragher has given a any player who wants to leave Anfield a clear message; if you don’t want to be here, leave.

“I want the people to come back who want to be there,” he said.”If anyone doesn’t want to be here, no problem. No-one is bigger than Liverpool FC.

“People always talk about players leaving and saying ‘this is the end of Liverpool’. No chance.

“Better players than the ones we have now have left and we have replaced them.

Carragher admits after being associated with the club for so long and enjoying several trophy-filled years, he can only share in the pain Liverpool fans are feeling during these difficult times, but insists they can get back on track next season.

“All the trophies and the great nights I have had have been with Liverpool,” he said.

“90% of people I speak to on the phone are connected with Liverpool.

“I am just emotionally involved with it. Being a local lad, it is that big for me.

“I am sure we will do well next season.”

It’s this sort of attitude that has made Carragher not only loved but respected by the Liverpool faithful over the years, and they will need more players with his passion and loyalty if they are to bring back the glory days to Anfield any time soon.



  1. Ben Ng

    May 20, 2010 at 10:52 am

    That telling ’em Carra. Sick and tired of players like Riera and Mascherano who keeps changing their tune. I may not be a scouser as I’m a Malaysian but I feel the pain as deeply as any true Liverpool supporter does during this difficult times. I have supported Liverpool for 34 years now and frankly we need more players with the same passion as Carra. Even Lucas who has been receiving stick from certain quarters is better than some players as his attitude is commendable. He gives his best for the club. I can only hope Rafa tries to be more attack minded next season. Get rid of the deadwood and moaners, use the cash to replace them. Oh how I wish Hicks and Gillett would leave but then the real fault to our troubles lies with Rick “Wormtongue” Parry and Moores for selling out the club and fans. Walk on, walk on with hope in your hearts.

  2. redbird

    May 20, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    well said mate. We dont want glory hunter players, we want dedicated players in lfc. Lfc is not a small club, so any player that wants to go should go peacefullyxxx

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