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Brek Shea – The £7m Man Who May Prove To Be A Bargain For Arsenal

Brek Shea, FC Dallas’ versatile attacking threat, has enjoyed his most successful season as a professional.  Shea earned a call-up to the United States first team in late 2010 and has featured for the Americans seven times in total.  

After a superb MLS season, Brek Shea is one of the final three candidates for MLS MVP.  He scored 11 goals and contributed 4 assists while being deployed as a defensive midfielder, a central attacking midfielder, and a winger.   The versatile American has just begun training with Arsenal and perhaps looks to cap off a brilliant year with a transfer to the Premier League giants.

Brek Shea represents a remarkable opportunity for Arsene Wenger, both on the pitch and off.  The 21 year-old has size, strength, speed, and skill on the ball.  The pace and ball skills Shea brings to the pitch are particularly impressive because of his physical stature.  Over 6 ft. 3 in. tall (1.91m) with a filled-out build, Shea uniquely blends the physicality of a defender with the pace and skills of an attacker.  

If you haven’t seen him in action yet, ignore the video’s title and check this out: 

Of course YouTube can make anyone look like the new Zidane, but this merely illustrates the potential that Brek Shea has.  If Arsene and his scouts like what they see from Brek on trial, do not be surprised if he is training with Arsenal full-time come January.

Arsene Wenger used Shea’s arrival to highlight his belief that America, as well as Asia, will become new breeding grounds for top-tier players.  Arsene would certainly show his firm belief in his proclamations if he indeed does sign Shea.  After touring Asia this preseason, perhaps Arsenal is poised to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities to spend preseason in the States.  

Brek Shea represents more than a very talented player from an untapped market; he represents an incredible marketing tool for Arsenal as well. Brek Shea has the potential to be a special player, an uncommon tag for an American player.  Arsenal can capitalize on the financial weakness of the American dollar and sign Brek Shea in the region of £7million.  Furthermore, Arsenal can capitalize on an increased commercial presence in the United States by signing America’s most promising talent.  

How lucrative would touring the USA in preseason become with America’s new golden boy on display in every city?  If Shea dons the Gunners shirt and rises to level of his “Yank” predecessors like Landon Donovan or Clint Dempsey, his impact on Arsenal’s market penetration and brand association in North America will be exponential.  

Brek Shea has a long way to reach those heights, but he’s a gifted youngster with immense promise, both on and off the pitch.



  1. Goonfishing

    November 18, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Mancini/Viera – “We’ve been tracking Shea for some time and £50,000,000.00 seems a reasonable fee to us.Blah blah blah. We’ll bury him in our owner’s desert along with all our other unwanted players”
    Man City “Globetrotter-Oilers” Franchise – Menos Que Un Club.

  2. Chinedu

    November 18, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    If he truely has it,he will do better dn dempsey & rest under wenger tutilage,but is 7 million not 2 much for an unproven talent in EPL.What do u think of grosskrutz from dortmund @ 6 million.Since we are going for a holding MF,instead of a playmaker,best thing is 2 strenghten d attack & wings wt proven goal machines(we can afford)

    • Adamski

      November 18, 2011 at 2:26 pm

      dont forget we spent £14m on OX this season if your talking about unproven players and investment. Plus it’s like the article says, Brek could be the potential key to open the door to the americn markets, so you need to look at the bigger picture when looking at his price tag

  3. Northwest Gooner

    November 18, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    I am from the US(Seattle) and he is the real deal in the mls. If he could make that jump and get managed by one of the top 3 managers in the world and also have a big influence on kids growing up here then it will change how is americans really look at football. Kids here have to many options where other countries only have football or cricket an maybe rugby we have 3 major sports here and footie is not one of them. Seattle sounders attendance could stand against most teams in Europe so there’s a huge calling for this sport to blow up and this might jus be the tipping point.. Google the sounders attendance and it’s middle of the table EPL 5th in Spain and 3th in italy

  4. US Fan

    November 19, 2011 at 4:44 am

    The problem with developing football talent in the US is that it is a huge cost to the families that bring up these kids. The decision is made at age 8 or so, and then you have to either travel non-stop (and foot the bill) or move to a larger market. Even still, the tournaments and excessive expenses make it near impossible for the most athletic kids to ever consider going the football route…especially when American Football and Basketball cost families nearly nothing to allow their kids to compete.

    • jermjerm

      November 21, 2011 at 11:57 am

      The same could be said with any sport in America regarding expenses and travel. It’s not the expense. In fact, I bet more kids in youth sports play real football than american football or basketball or baseball. It’s all about marketing. Who do you young kids want to be like? Certainly no US star is on the map right now. Landon Donovan or Aaron Rodgers? Clint Dempsey or Albert Pujols? Try worldwide… Wayne Rooney or Lebron James? Lionel Messi or Dirk Nowitzki? I bet 9 of 10 US kids don’t know who Donovan, Dempsey, Rooney or Messi are. Fox is helping.

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