Scolari Reveals Clash With Didier Drogba Lead To Dismissal

By on December 15, 2011

Former Chelsea manager Phil Scolari has revealed that he struggled to impose his management style at Stamford Bridge and suggested a group lead by Didier Drogba fought against his regime.

The ex-Brazil boss was appointed Chelsea manager in July 2008 but lasted little over six months in the job after a difficult time in West London. However, Scolari has revealed part of his failure was down to difficulties from within the camp and claimed Didier Drogba lead a group that refused to adopt his management style.

Scolari made these revelations in a book entitled ‘Andre Villas-Boas – Special Too’, where the books authors recited ‘Big Phil’s’ recollections:

“I wasn’t able to impose my system of ‘family’ within the team,” he said.

“That ‘family’ spirit has helped me everywhere except Chelsea, because a significant part of the group was against this and boycotted my attempt to build family spirit.”

“The real leader, for better or worse, was Didier Drogba.

“The cold war between Scolari and Drogba began when the coach picked Anelka as his first-choice player.

“Drogba confronted the coach in a manner he did not appreciate and things began to turn sour.”


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