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[Video] Gary Neville Backs Van Persie Over Krul Clash

Former Man Utd captain Gary Neville backed Robin van Persie after the striker clashed with Tim Krul following Arsenal’s last minute winner against Newcastle.

Arsenal beat Newcastle United 2-1 at the Emirates last night thanks to a goal from Thomas Vermaelen in the dying seconds of the allotted 5 minutes of injury time.

Many questioned where such an amount of injury time had come from, but i think anyone who watched the game could figure it out; Tim Krul and his consistent time wasting.

The keeper took an age to distribute whenever he was in possession of the ball, starting as early as the 20th minute, and this clearly angered his compatriot Robin van Persie, who was seen arguing with the stopper throughout the game about his time wasting. So it was no surprise to see RVP sarcastically ask Krul to take his time getting the ball from his net after Vermaelen’s winner.

But Krul took exception to this and ran 40 yards to confront van P and handbags ensued. Van Persie was clearly fired up and as an Arsenal fan, i loved it! It was great to see the passion shown by our captain and you could see how much the winner had meant to him.

When Sky Sports came to analyse the incident after the game, i was fully expecting the usual drivel from the pundits about how RVP was a ‘bad example to the game‘ or ‘as captain of Arsenal, he should know better’, blah, blah. So it was refreshing to hear a former Man Utd captain back Van Persie’s actions.

I can’t believe i’m going to say this, as i’ve spent over 10 years of my life hating the bloke as a United player, but Gary Neville is an excellent and very likeable pundit. He knows what he’s talking about and isn’t scared to give an honest opinion on matters when others would shy away in fear of being censored by the powers that be. Fair play to him.

Anyway, for those who haven’t seen it, here is the RVP vs Krul incident and G Nev’s take on it:

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