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[Player Ratings] Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal: United Stroll Against Poor Gunners

Manchester United strolled to a comfortable 2-1 win over Arsenal at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon. Here are Football-Talk’s player ratings from the game.

Van Persie Man Utd

Manchester United strolled to a 2-1 win over Arsenal at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon. Don’t be fooled by the close scoreline, United were comfortable and should have been out of sight before Santi Cazorla put some respectability on the final score with a fine goal with the last kick of the game.

Predictably, Robin van Persie scored against his former side. The Dutchman took advantage of Thomas Vermaelen’s mistake after just 3 minutes. Wayne Rooney fluffed a chance to make it 2-0 just before the break when he dragged a penalty wide but Arsenal failed to make the home side pay and Patrice Evra doubled United’s advantage with a header early in the second half.

Jack Wilshere was then sent off for two bookable offences and United could have added to the scoreline before Cazorla grabbed a late goal to make it look like a closer game than it really was. Here are Football-Talk’s player ratings from the game.

Man Utd Ratings

De Gea – 6.5 – Didn’t have a lot to do but made a brave stop to deny Giroud late on and could do nothing about Cazorla’s fine strike.

Rafael – 7 – Linked up well with Valencia once again. His cross lead to the early opener.

Ferdinand – 7 – Dealt with Giroud with ease. Wasn’t really tested by the impotent Gunners attack.

Evans – 7 – Like Ferdinand, Evans had a pretty comfortable afternoon dealing with the visitors forward line and won everything in the air.

Evra – 7 – Only beaten by Ramsey once, otherwise didn’t give the Welshman a sniff. Took his goal well.

Cleverley – 6 – Not at his best. Was lucky not to be sent off and Fergie ‘Cleverley’ took the youngster off before Mike Dean could produce a second yellow.

Carrick – 7 – Quietly impressive. Used possession well and protected his back four.

Valencia – 7 – Had the beating of Santos whenever he wanted it, but didn’t take advantage of the weak Brazilian as much as he perhaps should have done.

Young – 6 – Won the home side a penalty when his cross was handled but was pretty quite otherwise.

Rooney – 8 – Superb display. Showed another string to his bow with a man-marking job on Mikel Arteta. Didn’t give the Spaniard a second on the ball and nullified Arsenal’s cog in midfield. Poor penalty but excellent cross for Evra’s goal.

Van Persie – 8 – Another excellent performance. Took his goal well on his ‘weaker’ foot and gave his old pal Vermaelen a torrid afternoon. Should have scored more than the one goal but will be pleased with the three points against his former side.


Anderson – 7 – Made a difference after replacing Cleverley. Really making a claim for a first team spot.

Nani – N/A – On late.

Arsenal Ratings

Mannone – 7 – Could do nothing about the goals and made a couple of very good stops.

Sagna – 6 – Didn’t get forward as much as we’re used to seeing. Kept Young fairly quiet.

Mertesacker – 7 – Arsenal’s best defender.

Vermaelen – 4 – Absolute nightmare from the Arsenal captain. Will do well to retain his place after this display. Poor clearance lead to RVP’s early strike. Gave away possession on the edge of his box and was lucky not to result in another goal. His form should be a worry for Arsene Wenger.

Santos – 5 – Beaten on several occasions by Valencia/Rafael but was not as bad as many Arsenal fans had feared! Crossing was poor when he got forward.

Arteta – 6 – Very quiet by his standards, mainly because Rooney didn’t give him space to do his work.

Wilshere – 5 – Everyone could see his sending off coming, everyone apart from Arsene Wenger that is. The Frenchman should have replaced Wilshere after he was given his final warning by the referee. 10 minutes later, he was off. Still finding his feet after 15 months out and was a little off the pace today.

Cazorla – 7 – Superb goal. Was Arsenal’s main creative threat, but that wasn’t difficult.

Podolski – 4 – Was he playing? Anonymous. Hardly kicked the ball. Needs to do MUCH more. Didn’t track Rafael who was allowed time and space to cross for the opener. Subbed.

Ramsey – 5 – Saw more of the ball than Podolski but didn’t do a lot with it other than take too many touches and loose possession. Not comfortable on the right.

Giroud – 5.5 – Worked fairly hard but didn’t win his duels with Ferdinand/Evans and touch was off all afternoon. Did go close when he hit the post but still doesn’t look like the man to solve the Gunners striker woes.


Walcott – 5.5 – Didn’t have the impact many Gooners had hoped. Sliced a shot horribly wide but did put in a decent cross to set up Giroud late on.

Arshavin – 5 – Booked within seconds of coming on. Not much else.

What were your player ratings? Get involved in the comments section.

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  1. Arsenal1429

    November 3, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    I am Arsenal through and through and the state of the current team is heartbreaking. Santos – there as got to be someone(anyone) within the club who can replace him. Giroud – what can you say except bring on January and at least we can get Bendter back. Wenger – a proper manager knows when to substitute a player who is one tackle away from a sending off. Arsenal til I die but some days it feels as though its about to happen. SORT IT OUT.

  2. TAR

    November 3, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Giroud – please leave, you are not Arsenal Quality, same applies to Santos, why not Coquelin at left back Wenger????? Ramsey and Podolski need to find their feet, really poor performance, i dont know why ramsey is on the wing when Theo and Ox are benched, poor line-up, poor display – Wenger choose carefully next game.

  3. slugboy

    November 3, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Arsenal have been looking very poor for weeks now. Absolutely pedestrian throughout the team. No movement at all and very one-dimensional. There appears to be no real competition for places and the whole team is in its usual mid term malaise. If this continues any longer we do not have a chance of even 4th spot. Podolski has gone from being a match winner to non existent. He should not be playing at the moment. Ramsey is out of position ( and arguably not good enough). Giroud does not appear to have the requisite quality. However, whatever about the individuals, the team are just not trying hard enough. Compare man u when not in possession with arsenal today and you will see the problem. They closed down space, we stood off. Really disenchanted here. The team are playing so poorly that its giving the ‘board and Wenger out’ crew some credibility.

  4. Mike

    November 3, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    How can people talk such garbage. I had a tenner on Man U getting a penalty and a tenner on an Arsenal player getting sent off it was that predictable. Every time an Arsenal player went near the ball, if they won it they were booked and if they were kicked up in the air then little happened. How can any team play in that sort of environment. You can’t blame the players in those circumstances. Dean allowed Cleverley and RVP to commit the worse six fouls of the game and Wilshere got sent off for little. A complete disgrace. The FA should be embarrassed but they got the result they wanted so no change there.

    • shellykeen

      November 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm

      Arsenal really deserved to loose,even an everton or spur team would have done better,well unquestionably the whole team is not good,the board is not good,the manager?well good but to me he lacks ambition with this issue of selling the good players and buying flops.for today’s match united did it well,and the officiating is very very okay

      • Sir steve safe

        November 4, 2012 at 8:11 am

        Guy first i think u ar a true blues nd not gunnerz i advise u to fanz chelsea nd not arsenal that were ur setiment talk can work well.

  5. ebenecity

    November 3, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    mike..pls,keep mute if u’ve got nothing reasonable to say. R u in any way claiming dat carzola didnt handle d ball wit his hand or dat Jack’s tackles were nt bookable?…utd 4lyf

  6. Goonerboyo

    November 3, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    Robin banks
    What offensive language. I hope the editor picks up the racist and disablist comments you made!!!
    Your racist rant disgraces an intelligent rationale blog.
    Wenger’s may be wrong, I think he is, but his nationality is irrelevant. How dare you abuse disabled people in your comment on Gervinho.
    Go and watch football in the park. We lost, gutted, deserved and oh so predictable.
    Strategically naive, selection howlers, I said neither Santos nor Podolski should play.
    The morale of the team is poor, reflecting low levels of confidence, arising from poor performance, often due to individual error but also a total lack of strategy and guidance. Our coaching and management team has lost the plot.
    There is a complete ack or even loss of LEADERSHIP, across the team…throughout the club. Wenger’s should be replaced and must be before we a competitive club. Directors and chief exec must share the blame with profit before performance. Gloss and glamour will not last, grit determination belief and team spirit must be re-discovered. Under current conditions we have no future.

  7. ParisianWeetabix

    November 3, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    Wow, random internet guy, how insightful! I’m glad there are level-headed people like you who can come up with these flawless solutions.

    For the first time since I have started supporting Arsenal, I am at a loss to explain what we are doing wrong. We just seem so one dimensional. It seems every team in the league knows how to defend against us, and there is no plan B. The players appear to lack both the skill, talent and drive to actually win us games. Yet they shouldn’t, should they? I mean, every single player on that team sheet today has talent in abundance. So why wasn’t it shown? Is there something inherently wrong with our football club? I hate to say it, but I find myself pondering whether Wenger is the man anymore. These players are just so uninspired. The team isn’t winning. The tactics aren’t working. The players aren’t playing. So what is Wenger doing? I love the man, but this is by far the worst position this football club has found itself in in the last twenty years. It’s just ridiculous, and I hate the fact that there doesn’t appear to be an answer. Because we need an absolute miracle.

    • Goonerboyo

      November 4, 2012 at 12:10 am

      Absolutement, quoi que vous ecrivez est si vrai.
      Parisianweetabix, malheureusement Wenger doit partir.

  8. Stevie

    November 4, 2012 at 12:24 am

    Crap. Simple as that. No belief, no desire, no fight Different players, same old problem. Wenger has grown stale and clueless.

    Call me a plastic fan, but I’ve had enough. Don’t wanna waste my time watching and go through all this angst anymore.

  9. FoolishgoonerFoolishgooner

    November 4, 2012 at 12:54 am

    All valid points. Look the hastle, desire and use of space for Manu. The possession failed because Arteta was marked out of game (receive the ball and side ways game). No plan B for the last few years. We definitely are in trouble!

  10. Akeem Abdulkareem Lanre

    November 4, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Three questions 4 all my fellow gunners worldwide to answer. 1- why do we always wait for our opponent to score first before we step up our game bcos it has already happened dis season against man city, west ham, montpellier and just of recent at the majedski stadium against reading. 2- why is wenger placing aaron ramsey in a position where we are suppose to field a competent wing player as we all know that we are using a lone striker upfront. 3- who is the second goalkeeper to deputise 4 mannone if he need a rest due to fatigue or get injured which i didn’t pray to happen, is it the inexperience we saw against reading ? We always pass the ball in our own yard instead of moving it forward to the final third area which allow the opposition team to attack us all the way from our goalkeeping area. We lack a team that can make up 4 plan b when the first plan doesn’t workout well. I don’t think arsene wenger can lead us to glory anymore considering the intensity of this days football especially in the epl compared with those of the last decade. Nowadays football required a large squad to compete in various competitions especially when u are in top six team in england. U are free to agree or disagree with my points bcos its an opening debate. Gunners 4 life.

    • Sir steve safe

      November 4, 2012 at 8:31 am

      My guy u ar a true analyst of this gr8t game i’m impress with ur point. I fanz man u but i also love arsenal,baca nd madrid mostly arsenal nd baca but arsenal board should learn some ideas 4rm man u. Lyk havin plan b. It important also buy more playerz esperience one to inspire the young one nd try ur best to keep ur best playerz. Afterall they hav the money them well so that they play there life 4u. Up gunnerz.

  11. salammed

    November 4, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Wenger is my problem,Y alwaz old style?No Podoski shot,arteta etc.Y wenger kilin dis player shot talent.

  12. Daniel Wong

    November 4, 2012 at 7:33 am

    I know Vermallen is the skipper. His horror show against RVP is unacceptable. He shd be benched for the Schalke game.The problem is Arsenal have too mnay underperforming players.
    These guys shd be put on the bench and the young guns moved up. If Wenger wants to sign kids he shd play them when the senior has lost form.
    I can see Arsenal drift into mid table at the rate the gunners are playing. Don’t be surprsised it will take three to five years to restore them to the cl qulifying stage.
    Blame Wenger for the decline.

  13. St.Paul

    November 4, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Wenger has lost d plot.It is a pity that my beloved team has sunk this low.Where is d tiki taka style we used 2 know Arsenal 4, in d good old days of Fabregas,Nasir,Clichy,RVP,Song etc.This present team has no winger that can dribble well,make pin point crosses.We can not score 4rm free kicks,corner kicks.Wenger and d useless board have turned Arsenal in2 an average team.Wenger & co are just a bunch of liars.It seems what Wenger does this days is just 2 tell his players 2 get on d pitch and just kick d ball around,no tactics,no plan,no direction.We sell our best players & buy cheap and inferior players 2 replace them.Our coach has a penchant 4 playing players out of position.D problem with Arsene is that he thinks he is d only one who is wise,he is very stubborn & his actions are killing d team.As far as ‘am concerned Arsenal’s season is over,it’s another trophyless season.Happy are those fans who do not expect any victory 4rm Wenger & his war weary troop 4 they will never b disappointed.

  14. NKC

    November 4, 2012 at 8:05 am

    It is obvious that a lot of gooners have mixed feelings abt this team; quite frankly dese days I’m adamant to admit that this team have no ambition, no drive, no inspiration and most of all, no consistency; I have faith it will pass but this is already 3 losses in a sequence and all I see in the arsenal website is pics of our boys smiling and laughing. Its frustrating so see how we’ve come frm the era of the invincibles to this; utterly disgusting and disheartening. Wenger needs to tell these boys the truth and not pat them on d back; defence is barely hanging, midfield not impressive but the worst of all are our forwards… creativity, no flair, no initiative, no drive, NOTHING!. Right now we shld 4get the board, we know they are a bunch of profit-oriented pricks; we shld concentrate on wenger, his coaches and the team. We need quality signings ASAP, a change in formation and a structure of discipline when we get results like this; wenger needs to know his players and their natural position and play them there. When I see ramsey on the wings it makes me want to break something he’s clearly not meant to be there, he always drift to the middle; its clear to see that he’s a CAM and not a forward. Wenger get your shit together b4 arsenal sinks and maybe I recommend that guadiola takes charge and wenger moved up to the board. This jus a thought and not lack of faith in wenger…….we need to get our shit together and do it quick!!!!

  15. Arsenal fan

    November 4, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Ivan said by 2014 the gunners will be competitive. Is there any guarantee?Idoubt it. By that time the epl top three will make up Chelsea/MU/MC The gap with the 4 tem will be increased to aminimum of ten points.
    Actually the gap can be reduced if Wenger can twaeak his tacticsand sign top quality players instead of the big fish from French big pond. It’s the sameold style and no wonder they lose.Anoter loss to Schalke will be really serious and it will show that tactically has lost it. Could it be time to let him go ?

  16. gab O

    November 4, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    This current arsenal squad is not capable of winning capital one cup, on Tuesday this team will lose again at Germany on the match day 4. RVP was right to leave the club, some other good players may go too.

  17. gab O

    November 4, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Mr wenger you are wrong. Top four No way.

  18. yinkami

    November 4, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    my problem is, why do arsenal fans still go to the emirate stadium to watch arsenal matches despite the fact the club do not have the interest of their fans at heart? Obviously we the fans dnt gain anythn from the profit the club is making…pls all g0onerz concern, stop buying match tickets, we are TAYAD!!

  19. Alex

    November 5, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    Wenger is not a tactician, that is obvious. Ramsey keeps playing on the right where he is inefficient, Wilshere should not have started against Manu, or at least should be taken off at half time. Vermaelen clearly isn’t captains material, ever since he got the armband, he has been like Silvestre. And Song was never replaced. Artet isn’t a runner, he needs a tackler besides him. A 3 man midfield should include at least one DM. Song’s out, then Arteta needs Coquelin or Frimpong beside him if Cazorla is AM. Wilshere isn’t a DM!!

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