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Newcastle Game Must Be Kept In Perspective…But Lets Concentrate On The Positives

A look back at Arsenal’s 7-3 win over Newcastle with player analysis including views of hat-trick hero Theo Walcott’s performances and where we need to improve.

Bacary sagna

Sagna – Going through the motions?

I suspect we are all about to get carried away with the result. We shouldn’t!! Remember it was Newcastle’s dodgy defence, the Magpies scored three and we were vulnerable every time they went forward. That said Theo showed what most of us knew – that he is a striker. The Gunners also demonstrated that they have a real goal threat throughout the team AND we have players with the right attitude.

Szczesny can’t do more than he is at present. He saved what he would be expected to save. He also handled well in the wet conditions. He continues inch by inch to come out of his six yard box to catch which will be of major significance if Kosclelny and Vermaelen continue as the centre-backs as neither is the tallest.

Vermaelen and Koscielny showed signs of returning to being the solid but mobile pairing we have seen previously. Unfortunately Gibbs and Sagna did not have the best of games defensively and both contributed to Newcastle goals. Is it me or does Bac look as though he is going through the motions? Gibbs however, exonerated himself with a display of real attacking intent. There was real purpose and end product to his thrusts forward. We should remember that given his injury record and consequent absences he still lacks experience and he was a winger in his junior years. Lots more to come from Kieran and his attitude alone justified the club’s faith in giving him the contract extension.

The defence was again over stretched due in large measure to the lack of cover in front of them. Wilshere and Podolski were both guilty of ball-watching. The diligent Arteta simply cannot be everywhere. I suspect Vermaelen needs to start talking more and adopt more of a Tony Adams style to his captaincy. And Jack…Jack! Why turn your back on a free-kick??

Going forward though, we saw a much more acceptable side of our Jack. Still not the Wilshere of Barcelona at home a couple of years back but edging closer.

Poldi returned to something like as well. He needs a left back on his case all the time. Can you imagine Nutty Nigel Winterburn allowing him to amble back to help the defence? Didn’t think so! Give him hell Gibbo!

The OX … young, learning, and now contributing. Let’s not forget Giroud either. No whinging just a determination to help when called upon. Rambo too…yet another decent little showing.

So to Theo! Most realised he was a striker. Some doubted he could play the point-man role. He has so far made those concerns look way off the mark. He was mobile and available as well as all the more obvious contributions he made. Well played! Surely we cannot allow someone else to enjoy his talent just as it is about to blossom?

Yes a performance of real promise but the board/Arsene must toughen up that midfield.

What were your thoughts from the win over Newcastle? Get involved in the comments section below.



  1. Tom Wojtyga

    December 31, 2012 at 11:44 am

    I couldn’t agree more. We just beat a New Castle side decimated by injuries and demoralized by the loss at the hands of Man U. We were a bit fortunate with penalty decisions against Wigan and West Brom which contributed hugely to winning both games. If we can get a result at Southampton however, it would go along way in building some confidence before the FA clash against the Swans and later Bayern in CL

  2. Goonerboyo

    December 31, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Can’t disagree with anything here Lloyd.
    Sagna is either avoiding injury or anticipating a transfer. How else can you explains his detached half hearted performances?
    Gibbs is a liability at times in defence, surely this can be coached?
    Vermaelen is no skipper, we need a stronger presence on the pitch. There is no organiser.
    We will always concede so we have to live with that.
    The decision whether to stay will be neither Walcott’s nor Wenger’s but the board’s.
    Seems ridiculous to nurture this talent only to give it away now it is maturing. Makes no sense financially or in footballing terms.
    We do not need to buy any more forwards, the team is crying out for a proper athletic defensive midfield general.
    Someone in the the mould of Frank Maclintock would do nicely.

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