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Arsenal Player Ratings vs Chelsea By Lloyd The Gooner

Arsenal fell to a second consecutive defeat after losing 2-1 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Here are player ratings for Arsene Wenger’s men from Lloyd the Gooner

Arsenal fell to a second consecutive defeat after going down 2-1 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Here are player ratings’ for Arsene Wenger’s men from Lloyd the Gooner.

Theo Walcott

When all eleven start a game like they did here there have to beprofound reasons why. Arsenal are a collection of half decent constituent parts, not a team. You can make a case at times for the defence, the forward line and the creative potential. The shield in front of the defensive is always dodgy and this is not helped by our inability to get the ball from average opponents never mind the likes of Chelsea.

At the Bridge the midfield was porous in the first half. The manager has to look at himself as well as the players. You can’t blame Arsene for the lack of effort in that first half though. What a magnificent second half. I was proud of them after that. BUT we must start winning. Here are the ratings:

Szczesny 7. Hesitant on the first goal. The pen was one of those things that happen in games at least he stayed on. Watch out for this ref I think he is one of the very worst.

Sagna 4. Too advanced on the first goal, Chelsea exploited space. Unsure first half seemed to stop running at times and not just when he was injured. Maybe just an off day but he was poor.

Mertesacker 4. Too slow to have been selected in this game. Koscielny surely a better bet. Plays team mates into trouble as well. Cannot defend one on one just compare that aspect of his game to Tommy in this game.

Vermaelen 8. First half was fighting fires all over the place. In the second he held us together at the back again. His leadership qualities were there for all to see as well.

Gibbs 7. In the first half he was left exposed by Cazorla’s lack of effort. He played a big part in the revival. Has a big heart as well as talent.

Diaby 5. Poor for the second goal but given the total lack of meaningful movement in front of him not all his doing. A game too far in his comeback for me. Where is the cover, Arsene?

Coquelin 7. A rare positive in the first half. At least there was aggression. Without him in the first half we could have been sunk without trace. Deserves a chance now.

Wilshere 7. Early on part of the overwhelmed midfield. Played several decent balls to Walcott in particular though in the first half. In the second more himself. And another who played for the shirt.

Cazorla 6. Needs reminding that there is more to the game than the attacking part. Chased shadows early on. A transformed player after the break. There must be a temptation to use him off the bench for a while, then again that may mean Arshavin!

Walcott 8. Stay onside! Bizarrely, in that first half he could have scored several goals. In the second for long periods really looked a player. Fought as hard as he could. Another one who could do with some lessons in the ugly part of the game.

Giroud 6. Is he the answer? At least he was an outlet. What an enigma. One good touch , one bad.


Ramsey: Did ok as usual off the bench. Positioned himself well as we pushed forward.

Arshavin: Useless. Say no more.

What were your player ratings for the game? Get involved in the comments section below.

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