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Platini’s refusal to admit that he is wrong is stupidity of the highest degree

Written By DBSFootball.

With calls for technology in the game of football being as loud as can be, you would think there would be a response from the heads of UEFA. Well there has been a response. But it isn’t a good one. Michel Platini, who is still fiercely against technology in football despite so many big decisions being judged wrongly, believes that the resolution to refereeing mistakes is to have two more referees. Not only that, but he is, with the help of Pierluigi Collina going to make all referees as fit as the footballers themselves. With such a magnificent idea as that, he must be so proud of himself *extreme sarcasm*.
He believes that this new, revolutionary idea (again, oozing sarcasm) will, according to him, provide a “99 to 100 percent” guarantee of no more mistakes. This new concept will be introduced to Champions League games, as well as staying with Europa League games.
5 referees were present and supposedly working together to get all the decisions correct in the game between Tottenham and the Young Boys on Wednesday, and all five of them missed Jermaine Defoe’s handball. Conveniently, when asked, Platini hadn’t seen the incident. But this means, that this incident is down to the referees fitness. Is that what your telling us Platini?
Embarrassing: Referees Decision

It just makes you want to laugh it’s so ridiculous. If there is a guarantee that 99 to 100 percent of the time, there will be no mistakes, which I doubt very very much, then why not make it a 100% guarantee that there will be no mistakes by introducing video technology?

I have seen no evidence as yet that five referees makes any difference to the final decision. There have been very few times when the officials behind the goal in Europa League games have intervened during the big decisions, either because they haven’t seen it, or they are too scared to over-rule the referees decision. It takes less than 20 seconds for us watching at home to see on the replays what actually happened, yet Platini and Blatter’s ego’s are to vast for them to admit that they are wrong and turn to video technology to make football decisions accurate, but most importantly, fair.

Should action be taken for technology to be introduced, or is Michel Platini right to ignore technology?

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