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Honour Restored In Munich: Arsenal Player Ratings

Arsenal crashed out of the Champions League despite a 2-0 win over Bayern Munich on Wednesday night. Fan ‘Lloyd the Gooner’ gives his ratings from the game.

Arsenal crashed out of the Champions League despite a 2-0 win over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night. ‘Lloyd the Gooner’ gives his ratings from the game.

Carl Jenkinson

Photo: football365

A lot of the story is Bayern’s lack of verve for long periods. They had more to lose on the night though. We were well organised and determined but we have too many players that flit in and out of games. Last night though, we could have been buried given the circumstances, but we didn’t let that happen. The manager and players deserve credit for that.

Fabianski 7. Did all that was asked of him. Which was not a lot. Showed a great temperament to come in for a game like this and be so calm.

Jenkinson 8. He has gradually come back to his best since coming in for Sagna. His pace, athleticism and determination made him an important figure on the night. He is one for the future alright. If all goes well he can become one of the symbols of our club like Puyol at Barca.

Mertesacker 7. The pace of the game suited him and he thrived. All his assets were used to good effect positional sense in particular. Showed heart and courage too. One block near the end was magnificent and brave.

Koscielny 9. I have said it and many others too. He is our best defender. Why does he not play every game? He can defend one on one, he can bring the ball out of defence, decent in the air, it’s all there.

Gibbs 8. Just stay fit Kieran. It will be interesting to see the competition between him and Monreal. A lot of the Bayern play came down his side but he didn’t get much help. Just about kept the opposition at arms length.

Arteta 7. Why foul so much near the end? That said he was very astute in his play throughout and clearly Europe suits him. We still need a proper holding player though.

Ramsey 7. Willing, energetic, diligent but still short of quality at this level. A squad man maybe.

Cazorla 7. Not his finest game but his quality showed on the first goal and that is a lot of what it’s about at this level.

Rosicky 7. He does flatter to deceive at times but he quickens the game up in the final third and that is often where goals come from against the top teams.

Walcott 7. We have a lot like him. Part-time contributors. To make a team you can have a few but we have a few too many. He is one to keep though. His efficiency is really coming on now. When he does contribute so often it counts as it did last night.

Giroud 7. Tried so hard. I won’t spoil it by giving him a 6 but Olivier you are such an odd player. All power and dynamism for your goal, ineffective lump for some of the time and overall probably not good enough. Sorry.


Oxlade-Chamberlain. Lively and the experience will help him in the future.

Gervinho. Contributed well except when he completely forgot to defend at one point.

Arsene. Well they did look like a team. They worked very hard. They scored twice in an arena that is one of the most formidable to play in. I hope the manager manages to keep the solid look until the end of the season.

What were your ratings from the game? Leave your suggestions below.



  1. Steve.

    March 14, 2013 at 9:51 am

    One has to give credit where it’s due,
    i thought Arsenal would have got thrashed at least 4-0,but i was wrong,considering they were without
    about four of their best players,they
    played very well,they looked a different
    Arsenal to what we have seen lately,
    let’s hope there’s more to come.

  2. g clarke

    March 14, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Wrong about gir run his guts out more often than not wins first ball and pain to all defences could easily get 20 goals don’t write this boy of many teams would want him them need to learn to play off him

  3. mark

    March 14, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    your scores are way too generous. admirable performance from the team and most of the players but according to those scores we are world-beaters. many areas to improve on at a team and individual level. Most you can say of Jenkinson is that he had a solid game but played mostly a supporting role and hardly had a big impact. that said, he should take encouragement from it and focus on improvement.

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