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4 Things Brendan Rodgers Needs To Address At Liverpool

With Liverpool enduring an inconsistent first season under Brendan Rodgers, writer Aslam looks at 4 things the Reds boss needs to address at Anfield this summer.

With Liverpool enduring an inconsistent first season under Brendan Rodgers, writer Aslam looks at 4 things the Reds boss needs to address at Anfield this summer.


Only time can tell the success of Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool mission

When Brendan Rodgers took over the reins at Liverpool, many predicted a repeat of the Andre Villas-Boas/Chelsea saga at Anfield. Both managers advocate free-flowing football and insist on playing high up on the pitch, so its easy to see why comparisons were drawn.

But the former Swansea manager has a knack of giving incredible press conferences that instills his belief and vision for Liverpool firmly in the hearts of the Reds’ faithful.

Fast-forward to the present, the Liverpool under Rodgers have not disappointed, but they haven’t made any big positive strides forward either. You can see a slight improvement in the team performances, but nothing significant.

There are days when Liverpool plunder the opposition and steal the limelight, while on other days such as Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Reading they squander their chances and get condemned. So what is the biggest hurdle that Liverpool and Rodgers need to overcome in order to consistently produce? Here are 4 things I think Rodgers needs to address this summer:

Buying a ‘Plan B’

Liverpool regularly score more than once. Most of Liverpool’s victories have come in matches against opponents that tried to play the ball, that means when the opponents try to move upfront on the pitch, Liverpool’s players exploit the gaps and spaces that they are being presented with.

Liverpool have quality in the attacking department with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge their clinical selves whenever they sense an opening, and a big strength has been the swiftness in passing and creativity with players like Jose Enrique, Raheem Sterling and Glen Johnson causing opposition defenders problems down the wings. The recent acquisition of Philippe Coutinho has also proven to be a successful signing too.

However, it has been the teams that tend to defend deep within their half that have caused Liverpool problems. The teams that come to simply ‘park the bus’. The Reds usually find it difficult to break them down.

If Rodgers can concentrate on acquiring a physically imposing attacker in the mold of Didier Drogba, then they can switch to a ‘Plan B’ in matches against defensive teams.

Helping ageing Gerrard

Even though the present Liverpool team is all about Suarez, the main linchpin has been the ever-present Steven Gerrard, the one who initiates the forward movement. But the captain isn’t getting any younger and he hasn’t quite got the legs to get about the pitch anymore as he used to, so that shifts responsibility onto the shoulders of Lucas Leiva to keep things tight in front of the back four. The rest of the Liverpool midfielders need to support their captain.

A new goalkeeper?

Pepe Reina does deserve some blame for the way he has marshalled his defence – he has been poor in communicating with his defenders, and is often caught napping at his post. Not forgetting the blunders he has been committing in collecting harmless goal-bound balls. Is it time for Rodgers to set his sights on another goalkeeper?

New centre-back

Though Daniel Agger and the retiring Jamie Carragher give their best, Liverpool don’t have a proper backup in this area. Martin Skrtel has had a poor season and we’ve yet to see the best of Sebastian Coates. So if Rodgers can sign a couple of established centre-backs and add an imposing clean-tackling and ball-retaining defensive midfielder, the current outfit would turn into a top class outfit and may bring the glory days back to the club.

What do you think Liverpool need to do this summer to turn the team back into a competitive force? Get involved in the comments section below.



  1. Lionel

    April 14, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I’m sorry but there is no evidence, I repeat, no evidence, that Reina has failed to marshall his defence effectively. If you closely examine Rodgers’ system – it relies heavily on keeping the ball so we have offered our defenders much (no, a hell of a lot) less protection than they had in previous seasons. Consequently we are now a team extremely vulnerable to counter attacks.

    And how exactly can a goalkeeper be responsible for defenders not heading the ball in a poorly executed zonal marking system.

    If you look beyond the PR – the problem is Rodgers himself. Where is the evidence this inexperienced manager will get Liverpool any silverware??

    LFC is unfortunately on a path to be a top 8 side at best and selling the best players at the club is only going to contribute to that.

  2. Zanz Kedah

    April 14, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    QUALITY OF PLAYERS and PERFOMANCE MUST BE IMPROVE for next season.Current not too strong and can compete to winning the tittle.They jusy ordinary players and mix with passenger players in the team.So we cannot hope good result yet.Please don’t tell me downing and henderson is still good players with only small improvement.Scare to dribble,fail crossing the ball,slowly counter attack and what else we can hoping now?? We want to see goal is the final result. Football is about winning games,and the winning is about how much goal you have scored.That is the fact.Borini,Carroll is still in dream life and just coming to honeymoon holidays at Anfield.They will go and needed to go when this season are finish.Lucas and Joe Allen are still cannot meet high expectation from the owner and fans.After departured Xabi Alonso and Mascherano,they never found good replacement players for CDM position.Lucas and Allen have small size body,and cannot tackle down bigeer players contenders.Next season LFC must addres important areas to CDM and CENTREBACK who having versatile,can assist or score the goal and solidfy protect the fortress very well.Cobative players needed to add on to areas defender.

  3. peter

    April 14, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    The focus of our coach is to play and pass and that only can’t win a game He should concentrate on our defence,to me Erice is not good enough for our left pls let go for that left back at wigan also our midfield need a strong maker to cover our back four because must of the goal we concede came from this area and we need a finisher in attack and a scoring midfielders that all, then next season we go for the tittle

  4. izzye

    April 14, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Liverpool fc have had another poor season if I must grade it. Rogers is a good coach but most time he shows attitudes of an inexperience coach cos most times the subs he makes are not incoraging. Skertel has been a good defender 4 lfc but only goin through a hard time this season which is normal 4 every footballer. Another is the inability of lfc defenders to score goals during corner kicks and crosses into the opposition 18yards is too high. He must sign a flexible and attack minded midfielder(christian Erickson) in the summer to assist the strikers upfront.

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