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Videos – Top 5 Manager Celebrations: Featuring Wenger, Di Matteo & More…

With Di Canio strutting his stuff on the weekend, we look at some of the best managerial celebrations from the last few years featuring Wenger, Di Matteo & more

As new Sunderland boss, Paulo Di Canio showed us in the outstanding victory over bitter rivals Newcastle, the joy and ecstasy of scoring a goal is not limited to the players on the pitch and the fans in the stands. Only sports fans can experience the unopposed joy of goal scored, or a match won. It’s as if the world stands still for those precious seconds, and all cares fall away as joy takes centre stage.

Even managers, who are meant to represent the calmer, more official side of a club, can be reduced to maniacs, throwing out all sorts of moves, and jumping on their players in a true sense of unity.

In the eternal words of Bill Shankly, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

Here is a Top 5 of some of the best managerial celebrations in recent memory:

5. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal 3 – 0 Villarreal, Champions League Quarter Final, 2009

If Jose Mourinho is the father figure, then Mr Wenger is the Grandfather. The sight of him hopping up and producing a little, ‘bicycle-esque’ jig on the touchline after Arsenal’s second goal on the way to their victory was very out of character! While his passion is always evident, his mad side is rarely ever seen.

Albeit a little embarrassing, respect to Arsene for giving us a little insight into his child at heart, even though he quickly caught himself and switched back into ‘manager-mode’ too quickly for my liking!

4. Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea 4 – 1 Napoli, Champions League Second Round, 2012

Before Benitez; before the Europa League; and before Chelsea were brought back to reality with a bump, they managed a feat unlike no other before in their history. 2012 will be a year forever remembered by the Chelsea faithful, as the Champions League was finally brought back to West London, after the most unexpected of journeys.

Roberto Di Matteo certainly added to the drama with a collection of highly animated antics on the side lines, chief of which must be his recovery after slipping while celebrating another heroic Chelsea goal. Making it look like a spot of breakdancing, the Chelsea legend turned almost certain disaster into an almighty jump and double punch.

Much like his side’s unlikely victory in the face of overwhelming odds, his celebration was achieved through sheer emotion and force of will, after all looked lost for him.

Di Matteo 1 – 0 Gravity.

3. Paulo Di Canio, Northampton 1 – 2 Swindon, Championship, 2011

Dear old Di Canio was at it long before he pitched up in Sunderland. Always itching to get out and play himself, he totally lost it when Alan McCormack bagged a late winner for Swindon during a league match in 2011. Running onto the pitch, he threw himself on the pile of celebrating players. After the match, the hot-blooded Italian said, “Today is a very, very good day but I was at risk for a heart attack.”

Black Cats fans had a first look at the madness of Paulo on the weekend; it is safe to say that they will be seeing plenty more as the battle for top-flight survival hots up.

2. Jose Mourinho, Valencia 2 – 3 Real Madrid, La Liga, 2011

No list of managerial celebrations would be complete without a bit of ‘The Special One’. Famed for the relationships he builds with his players, Jose showed yet more of his mischievous side by roping in Jose Callejon for a piggy-back ride as he enjoyed Madrid scoring their third goal.

Winning La Liga that year, the forward got his revenge on his boss during the after-party at the end of the season, himself jumping on the Portuguese’ back as the scenes turned purely jubilant.

1. Jose Mourinho, Barcelona 1 – 0 Inter Milan (2-3 on aggregate), Champions League Semi Final, 2010

Taking a strangle-hold on this Top 5, Jose Mourinho earns yet another spot.

His portfolio of over-exuberance grows larger with every year, and this is a prime example of his self-confidence and natural tendency to take centre stage. Having guided Inter into the final of the Champions League in a close fought win on aggregate over Barcelona, the Portuguese manger proceeded to march onto the pitch and offer himself up like a Roman gladiator.

Barca keeper Victor Valdes took exception to Mourinho’s actions and attempted to put a stop to it. Trying to quell a performer like Mourinho is like trying to take a bone away from a dog.

Aided by the Inter general manager, Gabriele Oriali, Jose freed himself from the padded clutches of the enraged keeper and posed furiously, arms aloft, much to the delight of the traveling Inter fans.

Will we be seeing him back at Stamford Bridge next season? Well, I for one would love to see a celebration battle between Mourinho and Paulo Di Canio!

Extra Time: When it all gets a bit much

Remember Alan Pardew’s over-the-top fist pumping once provoking a furious reaction from Arsene Wenger?


What do we think? Have I missed any good ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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