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Bale, Rooney & Suarez: Why All 3 Should Stay

With the futures of Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Wayne Rooney dominating the headlines, Jake Beales-Hobson tells us why all three should stay where they are.

With the futures of Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Wayne Rooney dominating the headlines this summer, writer Jake Beales-Hobson tells us why he feels all three should stay at their current clubs.

Will they all stay? Despite the rumours in the press?

With yet another interesting transfer window coming to an end, still a number of big names are yet to make the moves that the media had promised. The rumours are strong, the headlines are bold, but still the likes of Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez remain at their respective clubs. This surely raises the question; Are they all going to stay? The answer to that from me, is yes. I personally believe that each of the three will stay despite reports in the media suggesting otherwise.

With Chelsea strongly linked with Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale strongly linked with Real Madrid, and Luis Suarez tipped to join Arsenal, a sudden U-turn has given hope to the fans of Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United that all 3 of them may actually stay put.

Jose Mourinho has already declared a keen interest in England hero Wayne Rooney, raising many eyebrows. I personally do not believe Rooney will leave United. Neither do I think that Suarez will leave Liverpool, each of the two, along with Gareth Bale have been nurtured by all 3 of the clubs they currently play for.

They are all adored by the fans and each are incredibly important to their clubs. Moving for ‘greener pastures’ hasn’t always worked out for the better, especially when moving to a new league.. A good example has to be Andrei Shevchenko. A player with so much potential and with an incredible reputation arrived at Stamford Bridge after a big-money move from AC Milan, but went on to become one of the biggest flops in Premier League history. Could Bale go down a similar road if he makes the switch to the Bernabeu? Will he live up to his price-tag or be left pondering ‘what might have been’ had he stayed at Spurs?

For Bale to go to Spain would be a big risk, the quality, the tempo and the style of football in Spain is completely different to what it is in England, a number of players have gone from the Premier League and struggled. A good few examples would be Luka Modric who went from Spurs to Madrid last summer, Essien has struggled, as has Alex Song. If Bale was to head to Madrid, he may find himself competing for a position that may already be filled. Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, Karim Benzema, Mehzut Ozil, Kaka and Isco will all be in contention for the positions Bale would enjoy playing the most. At Tottenham, he doesnt have these world class players as competition, so a move to Madrid is a huge risk.

As for Suarez and Rooney, both Liverpool and United have made it clear they aren’t interested in selling, particularly to a league rival. The Uruguayan is back training with the Liverpool first team squad and this seems like it’s the first step in the road to recovery. The players will welcome him back because of his huge importance to the team and Brendan Rodgers has several weeks to rebuild his relationship before he can call upon the player again as he’s still got to serve another 5 games of his ban. Arsenal wont pay the kind of figure it would take to persuade Liverpool to sell anyway, so I just don’t see Suarez leaving Anfield.

Rooney came off the bench to grab two assists as United beat Swansea on Saturday and again this seems like he’s taken a small step in repairing the wounds with Moyes. United don’t need to sell either and it would be suicide for them to sell him to Chelsea, so come September 3rd, I think Rooney will still be a United player.

I personally believe that the best option for the three would be to stay, they are all already adored by the fans, they all know they can perform well regularly in the premier league, and the risk of moving elsewhere and becoming a failure would be a constant burden. This makes me believe that all 3 of them will stay, and have yet another successful season with their current clubs.

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  2. tony

    August 19, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    cannot agree that bale will would be easy for him to say”i never wanted to leave”but he hasn’t.with the present spurs team he could be the iceing on the cake.against palace it was obvious we were the more talented team .only a penalty saved our face.the positive is we are 3pts ahead of arsenal.

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