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The Best (and Weirdest) Arsenal Merchandise

Here is Football-Talk’s top-5 list of the best and downright weirdest Arsenal-related merchandise we’ve come across being sold throughout the internet today.

If you are an average Arsenal supporter, you’ll undoubtedly treat yourself to a few pieces of merchandise every season. There’s always the latest shirt to get, usually with the obligatory name of a star summer signing on the back. You might even splash out on the away kit if you’re not short on cash. But to buy the items on the following list, you have to be a die-hard Arsenal fan, someone who live and breathes the club and wants the whole world to know it. This is a list of the best (and downright weirdest) Arsenal-related merchandise we’ve come across.

Arsenal Controller Skin

If you’re planning on playing FIFA or PES against your mates then you’ll probably want them to know how big a Gunners fan you are. This PS3 controller skin will do the trick – the badge sits squarely in the centre with Arsenal and Gunner printed by the two triggers. It’s basically a massive sticker that’s easy to apply and waterproof.

Arsenal Jeans

Depending on which way you look at them, these jeans are an eyesore or a piece of art. Either way they’re most certainly a statement. They feature Walcott and the number 14 as well as the Emirates branding and are the brainchild of Arsenal fan Duval Timothy. We’re betting sales have been so-so.

Arsenal Top Trumps

The 2012/13 Arsenal Top Trumps featured all of Arsene Wenger’s exciting new signings for the season including Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud. It mixes things up a bit by also including legendary ex-players like Thierry Henry. With up-to-date stats, it’s sure to be a talking point for avid fans when two great players go head to head. Who will win out of Mertesacker and Vermaelen? If you fancy playing an online version of top trumps with some of the great Arsenal players from the past, try Grosvenor’s Football Stars Game.

Arsenal Onesie

This Arsenal-themed onesie made the news after being accidentally advertised on Chelsea’s American website Chelsea Megastore USA. It cost just over £12 and came with a description that paid homage to the rival club’s impressive trophy haul over the ages. Either a Gunner-loving hacker was having a laugh or it was a massive faux pas by the site administrators.

Arsenal Baby Feeding Bottle

If a onesie isn’t enough to indoctrinate your child into the folds of Arsenal fandom then maybe a feeding bottle will do the job. Staring at the football crest every day during a child’s early years could turn him or her into a lifelong supporter. Or it could make them a Man United fan. Your call.

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