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From A Gooner To God….

Arsenal's emirates stadium

Written by : armourysquare

Dear God,

Recently, some Man Utd fan took a dig at me after the game at the Bridge ” My heart goes out to all Arsenal Fans ( It’s not your fault if your first team makes a guest appearance every season !!!)”. In light of the this I figured I must write to you.

Well frankly, I have a favour to ask you. I am writing this letter to you to tell you something about the club I love – Arsenal. You see, in recent years, our title chase starts of at the beginning of the season with a bang. After a few games (which we win) we enter the 1st international break, and it is then that things start to take a dramatic turn. 1 of our top players get’s injured or rather 1 of our players who is playing at the top of their game gets injured, and we must make do with a back-up who is either not very good or simply not accustomed to that role.

Then in away games against physical teams like Blackburn, Sunderland, Stoke e.t.c when the opposing players give our players some hard bone-crunching tackles ( which if I may add are not ‘fouls’), our players get injured for a minimum of 6 weeks. As a matter of fact this practically screws up our title race ‘really badly’. Thus when we face top-teams like Chelsea, Barcelona e.t.c. we do not have our main players and subsequently when we get smashed, Gooners around the world feel really sad and get pissed off with our manager AW.

So, if you could spares some time out of your busy schedule, please do ensure that our players do not get injured, and even if they do they should come back by 2 weeks maximum. To be a top-player, you must also be injury-free.  That is why players like Ronaldo and Messi are considered world-class. I heard once that Ronaldo was out for 3 weeks with some ankle injury but shockingly (though I was not) he came back within 1.

Now to make my point even more clear, just look at this situation :

Our current injury-list includes RVP, Tommy-V, Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Sagna, Almunia, Frimpong & Diaby. Out of these guys at least 4 are in the starting 11 squad, so you see the problem ? Our players spend more time in the treatment room than in the dressing room, for crying out loud..

Now for us Gooners outside, this has become a routine thing every month. Last month it was Fabregas, and in August it was RVP, Tommy-V and Theo( 3 in 1 !) This month we have a new recruit Sagna. Now these players are extremely crucial to our title race, so if you could, please try and avoid them getting injured as I am tired of giving other team fans (when they beat us) the same excuse that our main players are injured, although it is the truth.

Now you may propose a simpler solution to buy some extra players, but there are reasons to refute that argument as well. Firstly, our manager is a miser and he will not spent unless we are in dire need of a player. This is because he follows the rule of “Players back from injury are like new signings.” Secondly, we cannot go on buying players as the new premier league rules specify we must have a 25 man squad. If we try to buy players whenever one is injured we may end up crossing 30! And lastly, it would not look nice that we are signing a player for a sole “back-up” purpose….

So please do look into the matter when you have the time & I would be greatly obliged if you helped me out, as quite frankly there is no one else who I can turn too.

Thank You & Cheers


PS: If you could, add-on some wins against top-teams like Chelsea and Manchester United also..

***Thanks to guest writer Armourysquare for submitting this post. Please be aware these are the views of the author and not those of Football-Talk. if you would like to be a writer for the website please get in touch***



  1. brdgunner

    October 12, 2010 at 9:25 am

    We do need to take responsability as a club for these injuries. RVP and Theo are injured to often to rely on the way we do.

  2. WengersGuideDog

    October 12, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    lol, wenger wont spend unless we are in dire need!! so we dont desperately need a goalkeeper?? We dont deperately need a unit in the middle of the park to stop other teams from waltzing straight thru??

    Wenger is a foolish, stubborn old man who has lost touch of the realty of football, the reality of points = prizes. you dont get a trophey for 4th place.

  3. God!

    October 12, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    You are the guy who wrote a letter to me right?
    well I see you have a point but you know it is not so much I can do in this situation. See , Wegner used to write me letters just like u , I know Wenger , he is a good manager but he is fucked UP in the head when it comes to TRANSFERS. Every time he used to buy players he fucked it up so I had to talk to him like I did sometimes , for eksemple in 1999 i said to him buy HENRY he did and HENRY became a good player. 🙂
    I also said to him, buy FABREGAS , VAN PERSIE , CASILLAS(when he was young) and KAKA` when he was at Milan. sometimes he listen to me sometimes he goes Chamakh or WTF is the name. wtf is chamakh? , ARSENAL is fucking HIS FANS , this have nothing to do with me. 2009 I said to him buy VAN DER VAART , Wenger was like: yep if they give him to me 4free… ASK WENGER NOT ME!

    • armourysquare

      October 12, 2010 at 2:48 pm

      lol…man brilliant

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