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Chelsea Frustrated As Tevez Withdraws his Transfer Request


The latest twist in the Tevez transfer tale is that the former Manchester United striker has withdrawn his request to leave City. A Manchester City statement read:

“Carlos expressed his absolute commitment to the Club and formally withdrew his transfer request. Carlos’ contract remains unchanged and both Carlos and the Football Club are keen to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead.”

So what has changed the Argentinians mind? Probably nothing at all. Earlier in the month he was absolutely certain he wanted to leave the club because he had fallen out with certain members of the club, and that there was no way he would re think his decision – thus handing in a transfer request. Clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea were reportedly ready to swoop for the uncommitted player who was also apparently thinking of retirement.

Now, just before last night’s game against Everton – at Manchester City’s ground, he withdraws his transfer request and praised by his manager:

“Carlos is a world class player whose contribution since he joined the club has been invaluable”

He may have changed his mind because he knows that if City want to keep him at the club, they will. They are under no pressure to sell as they don’t need the money, and they certainly won’t want to sell to a title rival in England. Or is it simply an attempt to avoid a frosty reception from the home crowd aimed at the disloyal captain? Rooney didn’t totally avoid a controversial reception after his contract ordeal at Manchester United and there will be certain members of the Man City faithful that take a disliking to the Tevez situation.

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  2. truecfc

    January 29, 2011 at 10:21 am

    these transfer rumours are hilarious! why would chelsea want another aged striker? they have the best striker in the world Didier Drogba… surely it’s ridiculous trying to bid for Tevez as one… he want to retire soon and two… there are far more better players than him at chelsea

  3. john0507

    January 29, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    aged striker? Based on that I could safely say you have no idea at all what you talk about.
    He’s 26 ffs… ageing and thinking about retirement (which even Giggs n Xavi went through in their 20s) are totally different things.
    And Chelsea surely could use Tevez, yes they have Drogba one of the best in the world, but that’s all they have, Anelka simply isn’t on form n basically never has been for years now.

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