[Teams] France vs Bulgaria: Arsenal, Spurs & Man Utd Stars Start

By on October 7, 2016

Paul Pogba man utd

France continue their World Cup qualifying campaign as they take on Bulgaria tonight and there is plenty of Premier League interest in the game.

Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris once again starts between the sticks while club mate Moussa Sissoko also lines-up in attack along with West Ham’s Dimitri Payet and Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann.

Arsenal centre-back Laurent Koscielny starts alongside Raphael Varane at the back while Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba starts along with Blaise Matuidi in the middle of the park.

Manchester City full-back Bacary Sagna gets a start in defence while the likes of Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante and United’s Anthony Martial are named among the substitutes.

Here are the confirmed line-ups:


Lloris – Sagna, Varane, Koscielny, Kurzawa – Pogba, Matuidi – Sissoko, Griezmann, Payet – Gameiro.

Subs: Mandanda, Areola, Sidibe, Laporte, Gignac, Martial, Fekir, Kimpembe, Cabaye, Digne, Coman & Kante


Stoyanov, Popov A, Aleksandrov M, Aleksandrov, Kostadinov, Popov, Marcelinho, Pirgov G,. Milanov Z, Milanov, Dyakov



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