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Messi Reveals Barca Secrets, Plus Pics Of Nicole Scherzinger!

lionel messi

As we all prepare for a weekend of FA Cup action, we have something a bit different for you today. Many feel that Barcelona are the most entertaining and technically gifted side in Europe, possibly even the world, and following their 5-0 demolition of Real Madrid recently they have been described as one of the best sides ever.

But have you ever wondered how Barcelona became so annoyingly good? The secrets behind what Pepe Guardiola and his coaching staff teach those boys over in Spain day-in day-out? Well here’s your chance!

Lionel Messi Interview

He may not be your favourite player, especially you Arsenal fans who are still hurting from his 4-goal haul in last years Champions League, but few could argue about his quality. I’m talking about LIONEL MESSI.

The Barcelona super-star has given an exclusive interview in FHM Bionic, a fitness magazine aimed at showing readers the easy way to get back in shape and is included free in this months FHM. Messi reveals everything about his training programme and exactly what it takes to become one of the best players on the planet. The Argentinean also goes into detail about what a typical training session at Barcelona involves as well as the precise exercises he does to make sure he stays ahead of the rest.

Also in the FHM Bionic magazine this month are interviews with other top sporting personalities such as Toby Flood, Jessica Ennis and Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping who all provide a unique insight into being a professional sports person and give hints and tips on getting fit and mentally preparing yourself for sporting action.

Nicole Scherzinger Photos

Now if that’s not good enough, because Messi gives the interview to popular lads-mag FHM, not only are there stacks of articles for you to read but there are plenty of saucy photo’s of scantily clad celebrity beauties for you to enjoy as well! Judging by the image of the gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger on the front cover, you’ll be in for a treat. If Nicole floats your boat, you can see more images of her here:

Now before you all go rushing out to grab a copy, we have one more piece of good news for you. Readers who buy FHM online can also save £1 off the price (usual price £3.90). To get your discount and pay just £2.90, click on this link: £1 off FHM

£1 off FHM

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  2. Fab4

    January 8, 2011 at 10:51 am

    As an Arsenal fan, i wouldn’t mind finding out how that little t**t learns his stuff. More importantly, perhaps the Arsenal boys should have a read, they might pick up a few hints on how to stop him this time!

    Also, Scherzinger is HOT! Big fan.

  3. davspurs

    January 8, 2011 at 11:45 am

    I wish this was true then i would love watching Football without fear .The problem is our heroes don’t always use running training hard has away of getting fit and playing football and other Sports . The damming truth is drugs are now apart of sports and gambling scams have also crept into the World of sportsmen who are motivated by the love of money and secondly lifestyle sadly the love of just playing sport is now a distance third. This is why drugs have now become part of many Sports peoples training regime. I loved playing sport and i would never use drugs to better myself because you would lose the reality of how good you really are. of the true sportsman and the history you created would be false and a lie

  4. Superfitorfalse

    January 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Football is in denial of the influx of drugs and is in a far worse state than Athletics and cycling. This has all come about with the introduction of fitness coaches whose job it his to make super athletes and earn themselves a lot of money. This is why Managers are losing there jobs . Let me explain what i mean like this you enter a contest and you are a great singer and you no the person stood next to you cant sing but when they go on stage they sound brilliant and win leaving you dumbfounded and baffled till you find out they have cheated by using a computer to make theer voice sound great. This is what i discovered in football but it was not one or two but whole teams using High tempo football to stop better teams winning these teams all have the same blue print players looking gaunt an thin with the extra running required to play this way they can also have any player missing and the performance stays the same. The all conquering Wallabies rugby union team who narrowly lost to England when Wilkinson dropped kicked the famous goal to win the World cup. It was later discovered they where using pure caffeine tablets to help them maintain there energy levels and dominate games and when the other team tired go on to win the game the drugs where banned they lost eleven games on the trot the manager got sacked This was how talent would win but without the drugs the skill would run the opposition ragged then skill would win it was called the cream coming to the top. Now the talent gets beat and the energy is thE new way of winning and sty-felling Talent this is why Football has so many shocks the FA has lost the energy battle and to prove my point just look at how these energy drinks are passed on the field at every given chance to maintain energy Levels. These drinks would give teams under pressure an extra 10 mins but the real stuff winning games gives 45 full intensity mins to run save Block and score when the other team are tired through trying to find space to move upfield with the oppositions players snapping at there heals like terriers. This is what i discovered and why i dread the half time whistle unless we are well ahead or we are saved by Bale or Van or any other Talented player we have , the problem now and again we lose the battle and energy wins.

  5. benjova222

    February 5, 2011 at 3:27 pm


  6. Obedofori

    April 27, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    MESSI oooooh!! MESSI

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