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[PLAYER RATINGS] Arsenal 2-0 Wolves: Wilshere Stars For Gunners

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Szczesny : Was he playing ?……..N/A

Sagna: Provided the wingback dimension and also did his defensive duties responsibly…6.5

Kosher: Did his defensive duties well, and covered for Clichy when required….7

DJ: good to see him back after this week’s scare in the newspapers. He defended well and responsibly. Covered Kosher whenever he needed to….7.5

Clichy: Here is what I observed about Gael yesterday. If he goes up 5 times, he comes back 4 times. Other than that he dealt with whatever Wolves threw at him….6

Jack: MOTM: I cannot rate him because he was so good. The guy was everywhere, defense and attack. On certain occasions he was like a shadow gliding through Wolves. Theo should have scored and got the lad an assist….N/A

Song: Defend, add some passes to the attack and retrieve the ball when it’s lost. A normal day in the life of Alex Song…..6

Cesc: Business as usual from our captain. He played some lovely balls to Theo, and his cross for the first goal was immaculate. Defended when required, and covered his fellow mates when he had to……8.5

Arshavin: The Russian is working back onto his old self. He played well yesterday, and tracked back too. Something he usually doesn’t do…7

RVP: Another brace for the Dutchman. Both goals were classy, although he first was better. Keep it up mate. ….9.5

Theo: He tormented the Wolves defence, after Flash gave him his powers. At times he was superb. He should have at least scored 1, and I yet have no idea how he missed the goal after Jack played him through…..8

Substitutes are not applicable, although Nikko should be less selfish at times.



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