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The Twins Go Head-To-Head Tonight

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The way we play has often be compared to how Barcelona plays. In fact, many pundits out there have remarked that we are similar in how we approach and play the game. Controlling gameplay with short, intricate passes are the common factors that have made both teams among the most popular in the world. Our style of play is so similar that I have heard many people calling Barcelona and Arsenal as twin terrors. Nobody in world football would like to meet Arsenal or Barcelona.

That is why there was so much joy in the European footballing world when the twins drew each other. To them, at least one of the terrible twins will be eliminated from the competition. Last year, Barcelona got the better of us, so this year it’s time to return the favour.

Last year’s edition was disappointing not only because we lost but it was not a fair reflection of the team’s strength. Both were missing their most important player with Iniesta missing for Barcelona and RVP not available for us. This time around both teams are almost at full strength with one absentee each from the defence. Puyol and Vermaelen canceling each other advantage out.

So whoever wins tomorrow’s match can really be crowned the better of the twins. Let’s hope it is going to be the Gunners.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid



  1. Nigel

    February 16, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Very apt description ! Twin terrors.
    Gonna be an exciting game soon!

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