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Wenger Blames Koscielny More Than Szczesny For Carling Cup Error

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Reading into Arsene Wenger’s latest comments regarding the disastrous Carling Cup Final mixup between Szczesny and Koscielny, it seems the boss feels the French defender was more at fault due to his ‘hesitation’.

Since Sunday many Gooners have been debating who’s fault the goal was, although the most sensible conclusion would be both! Arsene has admited he has had words with the pair but it seems Koscielny has taken more time to lick his wounds than the keeper and with the emphasis Wenger has made about the Frenchman’s part in the goal, its clear he feels the centre-back has more to answer for. Speaking to Wenger said:

“I have spoken [to them], not too much,” he told Arsenal TV Online. “More to Laurent Koscielny because he suffered more.

“You have to be realistic, analyse in a realistic way what you did wrong. But, as well, Koscielny has been a great player for us since the start of the season so it’s important he keeps his confidence level well and that he gets encouragement.

“He takes everything on board and we do not want that his confidence drops because he made certainly a mistake, he is really angry about it. We have, as well, to show that we support him and that we believe he is a fantastic defender.

“Wojciech is alright, there was more a misunderstanding. Because in the last second, Koscielny didn’t follow through [with his clearance] because he thought he saw Wojciech coming out. Then he had a hesitation and that hesitation was fatal for us.”

Wenger does acknowledge Szczesny’s part in the goal, but stresses that Koscielny certainly made a mistake and it was his hesitation that was ‘fatal’. Not sure many could argue with that really, it’s just wether the young Pole should still have dealt with it better once Kos left the ball that is in doubt.

Anyway, time to move on and with United losing last night there should certainly be a more positive feel around the Arsenal training ground today. Orient tonight and a great chance to put Sunday behind us and let’s hope by next Monday we will be just 1 point behind United with a game in hand!



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